Sunday, September 7, 2008

YouTube Video: CNN's Glenn Beck Explains Why He Became A Latter-day Saint, And How It Changed His Life And Led Him To Fame

While I enjoy giving you, the reader, my best take on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), sometimes I like to use others to help tell the story. And one of the better storytellers is the now-famous CNN talk-show host, Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck's website is HERE, his CNN Page is HERE, and you can read a Wikipedia account of his life HERE.

Beck wasn't always famous. At one point, his admittedly dissolute party animal lifestyle had cost him opportunities. Eventually, he couldn't even get an agent. Then, a friend twisted his arm to attend an LDS service. Just this one time, only - you owe me that much after all we've been through, the friend said. So, to humor his friend, Beck agreed. Here's the video:

But even after he attended the first time, it took both his wife and his daughter to get him to return. Even before he married, his wife insisted upon him finding a religious home for them as part of the deal. But after they left the church service, one of his daughters asked him if they could go back the following Sunday, stating that it gave her a warm feeling inside.

Becoming a Mormon didn't bring Glenn Beck success; changing his destructive behavior did. But what was the catalyst triggering the behavioral change? His family? Certainly, he was aware of his familial responsibilities, and sought to live up to them. But it was the Church that gave him the spiritual foundation and strength of character necessary to make those changes lasting and parlay them into temporal success.

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