Saturday, October 10, 2009

Partial List Of LDS Missionaries Who Have Given Their Lives While On Mission Service

Update July 17th, 2015: Elder Ricardo Alberto Cuevas Magdaleno added to the list.

While the military along with various fire departments and police departments around the USA have meticulously documented the names and lives of those who have given their lives while on active service, I noticed that it's difficult to find any similar list of missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have given their lives while on service in the mission field.

In fact, I have found only two sources that provide even partial lists; the Mormon Mission blog, and the Mormon Truth blog. The latter source is more comprehensive and better organized, but it is edited by Samuel the Utahnite, an ex-Mormon who is vociferously and explicitly critical of the Church. Nevertheless, despite his attitude towards the Church, he cared enough about his former fellow missionaries to assemble and publish a list; his concern for their memory is noteworthy and commendable. I have scrubbed down the list to remove duplications and to also remove the asterisked names, which were of those who were severely injured; the list is intended only for fatalities.

-- Elder Ricardo Alberto Cuevas Magdaleno, 20, of the Xalapa Mexico Stake, passed away on the night of July 14-15, 2015 during his sleep. The preliminary diagnosis is respiratory arrest. Elder Cuevas was assigned to the Costa Rica San Jose East Mission.
-- Sister Natalie Ann Barnard, 20, of Snoqualmie, WA, passed away in Georgia on May 29th, 2015 from injuries sustained in a traffic mishap. Sister Barnard was assigned to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission.
-- Sister Brittany Scadlock, 19, from Roy, UT, passed away in Argentina on March 11th, 2015 from E. coli infection in her intestinal system. Sister Scadlock was assigned to the Argentina Resistencia Mission.
-- Elder Nathan Castle McBride, 20, from Pasco, WA, suffered heart attack during ward soccer activity in Mexico and subsequently passed away on January 16th, 2015. Elder McBride was assigned to the Mexico Merida Mission.
-- Connor Benjamin Thredgold, 19, from Springville, UT, found dead in apartment in Taiwan on August 23rd, 2014. Elder Thredgold was assigned to the Taiwan Taipei Mission.
-- Yu Peng Xiong, 24, from the Kaohsiung Taiwan West Stake, found dead in apartment in Taiwan on August 23rd, 2014. Elder Xiong was assigned to the Taiwan Taipei Mission.
-- Sister Nancy Vea, 19, originally from West Jordan, UT but more recently from Aurora, CO, passed away on August 23rd, 2014 from injuries suffered in a traffic accident in Oklahoma on August 22nd. Sister Vea was assigned to the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.
-- Elder Matthew Palmer, 19, from Woods Cross, UT, passed away in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 26th, 2014 from a condition described as "similar to a brain aneurysm". Elder Palmer was assigned to the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission, and had arranged in advance for his organs to be donated in the event of his death.
-- Elder Angel de Jesus Martinez Campos, 27, from Usulutan, El Salvador, passed away on May 22nd, 2014 as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident in Honduras. Elder Martinez Campos was assigned to the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission.
-- Elder Miller Edward Toa, 20, from Layton, UT, passed away on March 13th, 2014 as a result of injuries sustained in a fall. Elder Toa was assigned to the Micronesia Guam Mission.
-- Elder Mason Lewis Bailey, 19, from Richfield, UT, was fatally struck by a vehicle while walking with his companion in Stockholm, Sweden on March 2nd, 2014. Elder Bailey was assigned to the Sweden Stockholm Mission.
-- Elder Andrew Edward Page, 18, from Charlotte, N.C. was reported on October 11th, 2013 to have died from injuries he sustained when he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in Southern California. Elder Page was assigned to the California Arcadia Mission.
-- Elder Colt Daniel Kunz, 20, of Victor, Idaho, died on Wednesday October 9th, 2013 in Mexico after sustaining injuries when he came in contact with a live electrical wire on top of a building. Elder Kunz was assigned to the Mexico Tampico Mission.
-- Elder Taylor Shane Ward, 19, of Vacaville, CA, was pronounced dead on September 6th, 2013, just three days after being in a traffic accident near Rockford, ID. Elder Ward was serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.
-- Elder Jose Daniel Encarnacion Montero, 20, of the Dominican Republic, died after being struck by a stray bullet in Cali, Colombia on August 31st, 2013. Elder Montero was serving in the Colombia Cali Mission.
-- Elder Jason Reid Wiberg, 19, of Roy, Utah, died of injuries sustained after being struck by a vehicle while bicycling in Kuching, Malaysia on August 24th, 2013. Elder Wiberg was serving in the Singapore Mission.
-- Elder Thomas Milo Bennett, 21, of Window Rock, AZ, suffers cardiac arrest and passes away in Casper, WY on Saturday August 3rd, 2013. Elder Bennett was serving in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission.
-- Elder Juan Junior Litano Montero, 20, of Piura, Peru, died in July 2013 after contracting tuberculous meningoencephalitis. Originally slated to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission, he had been serving in the Peru Piura Mission since February while waiting for his Argentine visa to be approved. A story was published in the Deseret News on September 17th.
-- Elder Joshua Allen Burton, 23, of Cardston, AB, Canada, died of post-surgical complications on Monday July 22nd, 2013, two days after a runaway truck slammed into him. Elder Burton was serving in the Coban Guatemala Stake.
-- Elder Siosiua Andrew Taufa, 20, of Salt Lake City, Utah, died on Wednesday June 20th, 2013 after coming into contact with a high-voltage wire while patching a Guatemalan family's leaky roof during a rainstorm. Elder Taufa served in the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission.
-- Elder Jeffrey Rogil Guerra Alfaro, 22, of Lidingo, Sweden, collapsed while jogging in Provo, Utah on May 9th, 2013. He was later diagnosed with a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and passed on. Elder Alfaro served in the Utah Provo Mission.
-- Sister Alesa Smith, 22, of Benton, AR, died on February 1st, 2013 after being struck by a pickup truck while bicycling in Woodward, OK. She was assigned to the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Mission.
-- Elder George Peter Solie, 21, of Edgerton, Kansas, died on January 23rd, 2013 from an unspecified medical condition. Elder Solie had served in the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission for a year. The only information about this was published in an official obituary.
-- Elder Trevor Reinhold Strong, 21, of Taylorsville, UT, died on November 8th, 2011 after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Donna, TX while serving in the Texas McAllen Mission.
-- Elder Derek Jason Walker, 20, of Fairfield, ID, died on November 8th, 2011 after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Donna, TX while serving in the Texas McAllen Mission.
-- Sister Ann Baker Jones of Taylorsville, UT, died on September 23rd, 2011 of burns suffered in house fire while serving in the Texas San Antonio Mission.
-- Sister Vanessa Bentley of Tucson, AZ, died of injuries sustained in a traffic accident in Lisbon, NY on August 30th, 2011.
-- Elder Benjamin Taylor Jennings of Fredericksburg, VA, collapsed and died after jogging on May 21st, 2011 while serving in the Santiago Chile West Mission
-- Elder Jermaine Luther Walker of Kingston, Jamaica, shot and killed in crossfire while police were chasing another vehicle on January 17th, 2010.
-- Elder McKay Choy Burrows, 20, of Highland, Utah, asphyxiated by natural gas leak in apartment in Timisoara, Romania on January 29th, 2010.
-- Elder Jace Edwards Davis, 20, of Logandale, Nevada, asphyxiated by natural gas leak in apartment in Timisoara, Romania on January 29th, 2010.
-- Matthew Turley of Ridgefield, Connecticut, was hit by a drunk driver and killed on April 23, 2006. He was serving in the Mendoza, Argentina mission, in the city of San Luis (his companion, Elder Tyler Watts of West Valley City, was also injured but recovered).
-- Elder Bradley J. Isle, 20, of Las Vegas, Nevada, killed in a head-on collision on January 5th, 2006 while serving in the New Zealand Wellington Mission.
-- Elder Jonathan R. Talmadge, 21, of of Willamina, Oregon, killed in a head-on collision on January 5th, 2006 while serving in the New Zealand Wellington Mission.
-- Morgan W. Young, U.S./Virginia, 1/2/2006: Shot, witnessed crime, gunman shot him
-- Elder Benjamin Ellsworth, 19, Mesa, AZ. Died when he fell while getting onto a train and was pulled under it on December 5h, 2005. Elder Ellsworth was serving in Rosario, Argentina.
-- Elder Joel Galindo Flores, 23, Pachuca, Mexico. Fatally struck by a truck on November 9th, 2005. Elder Flores was serving in the Oaxaca area.
-- Michael Joshua Bent, Samoa, Drowning Accident
-- Nathan Scott Godfrey, Argentina, 3/10/2003, Accident, electrocuted while trying to save another
-- Elder Kelly Lym of Fort Bridger, Wyoming fatally broadsided in auto accident in Half Moon Bay on October 18th, 2002. Elder Lym was serving in the California San Francisco Mission (his companion, Elder Dean Winslow of Kaysville, Utah was seriously injured but survived).
-- Elder Gregory Scott Johnson, 20, of Fountain Green, Utah, electrocuted by high-voltage power line while watching approaching storm on roof on September 29th, 2002. Elder Johnson served in the Mexico Merida Mission.
-- Elder Limuula Leauanae, Samoa, 1/30/2002: Auto Accident
-- Adele Atchley, 65, Ivory Coast Abidjan, Santa Monica, CA 8/3/2002, Murdered in robbery
-- Lee Carl Nelson, 77, Washington D.C. North, Big Fork, MT 2002
-- Michael John Jones, 20, Washington Spokane, Taylorsville, UT 2002
-- Elder Spencer Goodwin Platt, 20, Murray, UT. Perished in auto accident on December 17th, 2001. Elder Platt was assigned to the Montana Billings Mission.
-- Elder Jonathan Reed Thomas, 19, Chandler, AZ. Fatally struck by train in Argentina on August 29th, 2001. Elder Thomas was assigned to the Buenos Aires West Mission.
-- Scott Robert Smith, 21, Washington Seattle, Clearfield, UT 2001
-- Elder Mark Douglas Gleason, 20, Pleasant Grove, UT. Fatal auto accident on June 12th, 2001. Elder Gleason was assigned to the England Bristol Mission.
-- Elder Mihai Teodorescu, 20, Ploiseti, Romania. Fatal auto accident on June 12th, 2001. Elder Teodorescu was assigned to the England Bristol Mission.
-- James Coleman Gatherum, 65, Laotian/Thai Church Service, Salt Lake City, UT 2001
-- Wen Ping Shi, 27, Washington D.C. North, Fujin, China 2000
-- Thomas Dale Cram, 72, Thailand Bangkok, Salt Lake City, UT 2000
-- Melvin Joseph Merrell, 66, China Xi’an English Teachers, Salt Lake City,
UT 2000
-- Elder Clark Henry Pixton, 20, Logan, UT. Suffered a fatal fall on July 14th, 2001. Elder Pixton was assigned to the Ukraine Donetsk Mission.
-- Delbert Tolton Goates, 68, England Manchester, Salt Lake City, UT 2000
-- Elder Eric Robert Driggs, 20, Mesa, AZ. Fatal auto accident on April 6th, 2000. Elder Driggs was assigned to the Argentina Resistencia Mission.
-- Elder Jaysen Ray Christiansen, Harrisville, UT. Fatal auto accident on January 28th, 2000. Elder Christiansen was assigned to the Iowa Des Moines Mission.
-- Elder Jared Mont Pulham, 20, Alpine, UT. Fatal auto accident on January 28th, 2000. Elder Pulham was assigned to the Iowa Des Moines Mission
-- Elder Bradley Alan Savage, 20, Lehi, UT. Fatal auto accident on January 28th, 2000. Elder Savage was assigned to the Iowa Des Moines Mission.
-- Elder Daniel Byrne Roundy, 19, Kaysville, UT. Fatal auto accident on January 28th, 2000. Elder Roundy was assigned to the Iowa Des Moines Mission
-- Sister Melissa Peterson, 22, Snowflake, AZ. Fatal auto accident on January 21st, 2000. Sister Peterson was assigned to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission.
-- Hartley, Chile Santiago South
-- Christian Glen Packer, 24, Salt Lake City Welfare Square, Farmington, UT 1999
-- Richard Keith Black, South Africa Capetown, Murray, UT 1999
-- Elder Jaarl Michael Papenfuss, 20, Fountain Green, UT. Drowning accident on January 18th, 1999. Elder Papenfuss was assigned to the Spain Las Palmas (Canary Islands) Mission.
-- Joshua Matthew Prymak, 19, Montclair, VA. Drowning accident on January 18th, 1999. Elder Prymak was assigned to the Spain Las Palmas (Canary Islands) Mission.
-- Elder Jonathan Philip Barrett, Morgan, UT. Fatally stabbed by intoxicated man on April 24th, 1999. Elder Barrett was assigned to the Ivory Coast Abidjan Mission.
-- Rhett S. Orcutt, 19, Texas Houston, Salt Lake City, UT 1998
-- Charlotte Dorae Lofgreen, 67, Ivory Coast Abidjan, Orem, UT 1998
-- Renee Anderson, 66, Ivory Coast Abidjan, Salt Lake City, UT 1998
-- Sean Thomas Richardson, 21, Mexico Mexico City East, Ukiah, CA 1998
-- Jose Manuel Mackintosh, 20, Russia Yekaterinburg, Hiko, NV 1998
-- Nathan Wallace Kofford, 19, Taiwan Taichung, Alpine, UT 1998
-- Kenton Martin, 20, Florida Tallahassee, South Jordan, UT 1998
-- Devin Ranald Boren, 19, Spirit World, Alpine, UT 1997
-- Keith Madsen, 20, Taiwan Taipei, 1997
-- Juan Carlos Castillo, 40, Santiago Chile Area Presidency, Santiago,
Chile, 1996
-- M. Lee Miller, 62, Tonga Nuku'alofa, Bountiful, UT 1996
-- Joshua Vaughn Berrett, 21, Arizona Tempe, __________, 1995
-- Jennifer Schulz, 22, Japan Fukuoka, Salt Lake City, UT 1995
-- Ryan Matthew Akers, 20, Spain Malaga, Gunnison, CO 1994
-- Max Christiansen, 66, Arizona Tucson, Newton, UT 1994
-- Carl Hildt Wollenzien, 68, Germany Frankfurt, Provo, UT 1993
-- Marion Ellnor Nash Lee, England Bristol, Ephraim, UT 1993
-- Kent Virl Hyde, 22, Arizona Phoenix, Thayne, WY 1992
-- Martha Lorena Gutierrez, 23, Finland Helsinki East, Nicaragua 1991
-- Oscar Zapata, 20, Peru Lima East, Piura, Peru 1991
-- Gale Stanley Critchfield, 20, Ireland Dublin, Payson, UT 1990
-- Manuel Antonio Hidalgo, 22, Peru Lima East, Arequipa, Peru 1990
-- Christian Andreani Ugarte, 21, Peru Lima East, Trujillo, Peru 1990
-- Ronald Jamon Eastland, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Syracuse, UT 1989
-- Jeffrey Brent Ball, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Wanship, UT 1989
-- Todd Ray Wilson, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Wellington, UT 1989
-- Adam Richard Koontz, 19, Portugal Porto, Upland, CA 1988
-- Ronald Brent Jack, 21, Portugal Porto, Kirtland, NM 1988
-- Gayle H. Thurman, California Carlsbad, Highland, UT
-- Richard Keith Black, 19, South Africa Cape Town, Murray, UT
-- Steven Chad Fairbanks, Germany Dusseldorf, Highland, UT
-- Bill Rawson Hardy, 19, Michigan Lansing, Mesa, AZ 1988
-- Todd Larry Walker, 19, Michigan Lansing, Highland, UT 1988
-- Lee Roberts, 20, Michigan Lansing, South Jordan, UT 1988
-- Matthew Erin Elwood, 22, Brazil Brasilia, Salt Lake City, UT 1987
-- Harlan Wallace Clark, 73, South Africa Johannesburg 1987
-- Roger Todd Hunt, 19, Portugal Lisbon, Las Vegas, NV 1987
-- Con Barlow Fox, 19, Australia Brisbane, Bountiful, 1987
-- Joann Wilson, 54, Austria Vienna, Orem, UT 1986
-- Bruce Drennan, 20, Bolivia La Paz, 1984
-- Kevin Bons, 20, Bolivia La Paz, 1984
-- Chad Blaine Williams, 20, Oregon Portland, Bountiful, UT 1982
-- Ralph Thales Howe, 20, Missouri Independence, Pleasant Grove, UT
-- Aldemar Gutierrez, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia 1982
-- Matthew Erin Elwood, 21, Brazil Brasilia, Salt Lake City, UT
-- Yunette Harris, Argentina, Memphis, TN
-- Gabriela Cristina Nieva, Argentina, Godoy Cruz, Argentina
-- Jeffrey Brent Ball, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Wanship, UT
-- Todd Ray Wilson, 20, Bolivia La Paz, Wellington, UT
-- Linda Jackson, 57, Armenia, Oak City, UT
-- Brian Michael Miller, 20, Connecticut Hartford, Rexburg, ID
-- Roger Todd Hunt, 19, Portugal Lisbon, Las Vegas, NV
-- Jared Marvin Prescott, 20, Mascarene Islands, Centerville, UT
-- Alan Knight, 20, Texas Houston, Bountiful, UT
-- Matthew Brown, 19, Nebraska Omaha, Twin Falls, ID
-- Christopher Phillips, 19, Nebraska Omaha, Salem, OR
-- Joseph Israel Bookstaber, 19, Thailand Bangkok, Short Hills, N.J
-- Noel Andre De Waal, 20, South Africa Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa 1980
-- Jonathan Guy Twitchell, 20, South Africa Johannesburg, Payson, UT 1980
-- David S. Kalt, 21, Germany Frankfurt, Provo, UT 1980
-- Phyllis Lissian (Goad) Hatch, England Bristol Mission, Cardston 1980
-- Boyd Bateman, 20, Texas Dallas, Idaho Falls, ID 1980
-- Darrell Maddox, 21, England Blackburn, American Fork, UT
-- Gary Apgood, 26, England Blackburn, San Jose, CA
-- Elizabeth L Webb King, 66, South Carolina Charleston, Kaysville, UT 1979
-- Jane Elizabeth Ruth Cannell Teuscher, 65, South Carolina Charleston, Fish Haven, ID 1979
-- Kevin Stewart Cook, 19, California Ventura, Bountiful, UT 1979
-- Duane Aycock, 19, England Bristol, Mesa, AZ 1979
-- Cory Dean Watts, 19, California Anaheim, Salt Lake City, UT 1979
-- Senitelela Cindy Tonga, 23, Missouri Independence, Millbrae, CA
-- Jan Andersen, 21, Florida Tampa, Salt Lake City, UT 1979
-- Venna Elizabeth Tolman Hess, 72, Missouri Independence, Las, Vegas, NV
-- Mark Walter Brand, 21, Florida Tallahassee, Fruit Heights, UT 1979
-- Jesse Nephi Durette, 25, Florida Tallahassee, Portland, OR 1978
-- Scott Carter, 21, Bountiful, UT 1978
-- Wallace Barney Tolman, 20, Indiana Indianapolis, Camarillo, CA 1978
-- Robert Jay Mathews, 19, Indiana Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, UT 1976
-- Wesley Brian Johnson, 20, Germany Hamburg, Preston, ID 1976
-- David Patten Kimball IV, Uruguay Montevideo, Scottsdale, AZ 1974
-- Kent McMullan,
-- David William Grow, 20, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, UT 1974
-- Leonard Charles Martin, 20, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, UT 1974
-- Jeffrey Walter Buehner, 20, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Phoenix, AZ 1974
-- Mark J. Fischer, 19, Texas Austin, Milwaukee, MI 1974
-- Gary Smith Darley, 20, Texas Austin, Simi Valley, CA 1974
-- Garth Pierce, 20, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1974
-- Donald R. LaBeau, 19, Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Yakima, WA 1973
-- Smith, Argentina, Long Beach, CA, 1970
-- Garc├ęs, Argentina South, 1971
-- Gregory Scott McFarland, 19, Alaskan-Canadian, Salt Lake City, UT 1970
-- James Blauer Bangerter, 19, Peru Lima, Provo, UT
-- Richard Heath-Hall, 20, Scotland Edinburgh, England 1970
-- Leon Julius Viehweg, 19, Scotland Edinburgh, Soda Springs, ID 1970
-- Val Gene Hendrix, Roanoke Area Mission, 7/11/1968, place of death Boone, NC (information supplied by commenter below, no additional verification found so far)
-- Hellen Bentley, France Mission, from Provo, UT, 1964
-- Phillip Terry Styler, 22, Andes, Sacramento, CA 1963
-- Howard Williams, (20), Mexico Mexico City, Salt Lake City, UT 1961
-- Alfred Bauer, 68, California Los Angeles, Charlo, MT 1956
-- Quist, Argentina Buenos Aires, Pocatello, ID 1952
-- LeRoy Tripp, France Paris, 1908
-- Walter Phillips, Hawaii, 1901
-- Ethel Lowry Reid, Netherlands, 1899
-- Samuel Thomas Clark, Great Britain, 1899
-- Thomas H. Bell, Southern States, 1899
-- John Woolfe Isom, Southern States, 1899
-- Joseph Hogan Jr, Netherlands, 1899
-- Hirum Rosewald Hamson, Eastern States, 1899
-- Lewis Albert Warren, Southern States, 1899
-- Albert Peterson, Scandinavia, 1898
-- David M. Muir, Great Britain, 1898
-- H.C. Holley, Western States, 1898
-- Isaac Edinborough, Great Britain, 1898
-- Hyrum Maughn, Northern States, 1898
-- Ole Christian Jensen, Scandinavia, 1898
-- Godfred Alder, Germany, 1898
-- Joseph Henry Jenson, Scandinavia, 1898
-- William Francis Butt, Scandinavia, 1898
-- Neils Christian Heselt, Colorado, 1898
-- Jacob Bushman, Southern States, Escalante, UT 1897
-- Andrew Bjorkman, Scandinavia, 1896
-- Joseph Alma Ott, Switzerland/Germany, 1896
-- Daniel Stewart Jones, Southern States, 1895
-- Charles Scott Hall, Southern States, 1895
-- Ella Adelia Moody, Samoa, 1895
-- John Alexander Clark, 25, Turkey Istanbul, Minersville, UT 1895
-- Hyrum Carter, Southern States, 1894
-- Ransom Marion Stevens, Samoa, 1894
-- Walter H. Barton, Southern States, 1894
-- Pher A. Bjorklund, Scandinavia, 1892
-- David Hoagland Cannon, Germany, Salt Lake City, UT 1892
-- Adolph Haag, Turkey, Payson, UT 1892
-- Lorenzo W. Roundy, Southern States, 1892
-- Otto Lyman Chipman, New Zealand, American Fork, UT 1892
-- Thomas Butler, Southern States, Richfield, UT 1892
-- Katie Eliza Hale Merrill, Samoa Upolu, Smithfield, UT 1891
-- Willard Henry Halliday, North Carolina, Pleasant Grove, UT 1890
-- John Anderson Quist, Sweden, Big Cottonwood, UT 1890
-- Edgar Dilworth Simmons, Syria, Salt Lake City, UT 1890
-- Andrew K. Anderson, Denmark, Salt Lake City, UT 1890
-- John Powell, 1890
-- Washington N. Cook, Cherokee Nation, Salt Lake City, UT 1889
-- John A Richards, Cherokee Nation, Cache County, UT 1889
-- Sylvester Daniel Collett, Mexico, Salt Lake City, UT 1889
-- Edmund Zebulon Taylor, Southern States, Harmony, UT 1888
-- Vincent McKay Pugmire, Southern States, St. Charles, ID 1888
-- Alma Pascal Richards, Southern States, Morgan, UT 1888
-- Richard Thornton Booth Jr, Northwestern States, 1887
-- John Bullock, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1887
-- Brigham Willard Young, New Zealand, Salt Lake City, UT 1887
-- Jesper Peterson, Denmark, Castledale, UT 1887
-- Jeremiah Heber Kimball, Germany, Salt Lake City, UT 1887
-- John Henry Gibbs, Southern States, Paradise, UT 1884
-- William S. Berry, Southern States, Kanarra, UT 1884
-- Charles E. Robison, Southern States, Montpelier, ID 1883
-- Shadrach Jones, Wales, Willard, UT 1883
-- Nathaniel Ashby, Hawaiian Islands, 1882
-- William H. Butler, Great Britain, 1882
-- Feramorz Little Young, Mexico, Salt Lake City, UT 1881
-- Niels Wilhelmsen, Denmark Copenhagen, St. Charles, ID 1881
-- Gustaf Peterson, Denmark Copenhagen, Salt Lake City, UT 1881
-- Joseph Standing, 25, Southern States, Salt Lake City, UT 1879
-- Joseph E. Hyde, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1878
-- Edwin W. Street, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1878
-- James Lisonbee, US, 1877
-- John Hubbard, Wichata Reservation, Willard, UT 1877
-- Lorenzo W. Roundy, Lee’s Ferry, Salt Lake City, UT 1876
-- Thomas Hunter, Scotland, 1876
-- Francis A. Hammond Jr, Arizona, 1876
-- Dianah Camp, Texas, 1876
-- Haden W. Church, Tennessee Memphis, Salt Lake City, UT 1875
-- Caleb W. Haws, England Barusely, Provo, UT 1871
-- Caleb Parry, England Birmingham, Salt Lake City, UT 1871
-- Moroni Bigelow, US, 1870
-- Albert Merrill Jr, US, 1870
-- John Mace, England Leeds, Salt Lake City, UT 1869
-- Robert C. Sharkey, Southern States, 1869
-- James Ezra Clark, 22, England London, Farmington, UT 1868
-- Anson Vasco Call, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1867
-- Brigham Willard Kimball, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1867
-- Abel Evans, Wales, Salt Lake City, UT 1866
-- Collins Moore Gillett, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1866
-- Peter Horrocks, Europe, 1866
-- George Simms, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1865
-- Jesse Yelton Cherry, England Nottingham, Centerville, UT 1865
-- Martin Wood, England, 1864
-- John Moburn Kay, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1864
-- Joseph Greenwood, Missouri, Salt Lake City, UT 1864
-- Thomas Atkinson, Sandwich Islands, Salt Lake City, UT 1863
-- Hiram Kimball, Sandwich Islands, Salt Lake City, UT 1863
-- Joseph Siney, Great Britain, 1861
-- George A. Smith, Jr., Moquis Indian Nation, Salt Lake City, UT 1860
-- Washington N. Cook, Indian Territory, 1858
-- Samuel Francis Neslen, England London, Salt Lake City, UT 1858
-- Parley Parker Pratt, 50, Southern States, Salt Lake City, UT 1857
-- Robert W. Wolcott, England Northampton, Salt Lake City, UT 1856
-- George Peden Waugh, Great Britain, 1856
-- Robert C. Petty, Indian Territory, Salt Lake City, UT1856
-- Orson Spencer, Cherokee Nation, Salt Lake City, UT 1855
-- Jane Amanda Lewis, Sandwich Islands, 1855
-- John Parry, Great Britain, 1855
-- Jacob F. Secrist, European Mission, Salt Lake City, UT 1855
-- Andrew L. Lamoreaux, France Paris, Salt Lake City, UT 1855
-- James F. Bell, Malta, 1855
-- Sister James F. Bell, Malta, 1855
-- Albert Gregory, Central States, Salt Lake City, UT 1855
-- Lemon Bronson, Michigan, 1855
-- William W. Major, Great Britain, 1854
-- Alondus LaFayette Buckland, Nova Scotia, 1854
-- Levi Stillman Nickerson, England, 1853
-- John Hyde, Australia Sydney, Salt Lake City, UT 1853
-- Willard Snow, Denmark Copenhagen, Salt Lake City, UT 1853
-- Jane Amanda Stevens Lewis, Sandwich Islands, Salt Lake City, UT 1851
-- William Burton, Scotland Edinburgh, Salt Lake City, UT 1851
-- James Henry Flanigan, England Birmingham, Winter Quarters, NE 1851
-- George W. Langley, England, 1851
-- Elijah Malin, Pennsylvania, Winter Quarters, NE 1849
-- Mephibosheth Sirrine, England, 1848
-- Alvah Lewis Tippetts, 38, Eastern States, Winter Quarters, NE, 1847
-- Thomas Ward, 1847
-- Peter Melling, Indiana, 1844
-- Phelps, Joshua R.G., New York, 1844
-- Knowlton F. Hanks, Pacific Islands, Nauvoo, IL 1843
-- James Burnham, Eastern States, 1843
-- Lorenzo D. Barnes, England Bradford, Salt Lake City, UT 1843
-- Alpheus Harmon, Illinois, 1842
-- George Washington Gee, Pennsylvannia, 1842
-- John Herrit, Eastern States, 1840
-- Joseph B. Brackenbury, New York, 1832


Ardis Parshall said...

Thanks for this. You're right, we do need a memorial, a way to remember and honor by name these men and women who died while in service to the Lord.

About 5 or 6 years ago, someone working for the Missionary Department spent quite a lot of time in the church archives working to document the missionary deaths from the early years of the Restoration. I was able to add one from my own research that they were unaware of. That project was only for internal use, though. I wish there were something more public.

krysann said...

Skimming through this list I don't see the name of a very dear friend & an amazing young woman who died enroute to her first mission assignment in the New Zealand South mission in 1990. She was from Auckland, New Zealand, of Tongan extraction. Her name: Lavinia Niuhulu. You may want to check details.

Jack Mormon said...

Thanks for your input, Krysann. My research led to only one reference to the individual you named. The Tribal Pages website lists a Lavinia Niuhulu as having died in New Zealand, but neither gives the date nor describe the circumstances.

The lack of information on Lavinia's service is even more justification for a Memorial Wall of Honor in Temple Square for missionaries who die during their missions.

Johanna said...

Last Name: Hendrix
First Name:Val Gene

Died: 7/11/1968 while serving in the Roanoke, VA mission area. Official location of death was Boone, NC

My mother in law recently received a phone call from someone wanting to make a memorial of the LDS missionaries who have passed while serving. Interesting that I should find you posting about that idea here as well.

James said...

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Lance Marchetti said...

I cry when I think how these poor folk died clutching to a false gospel that couldn't save them.
Tradgic is not the word.

Lance Marchetti
South Africa

Altus, OK said...

Please add:
Elder Boivie, David Richard,
Japan Fukuoka, 1989


Austin and Simone said...

Nicholas Silcock died in Jamaica in June 2001. Unknown cause, he went to sleep and did not wake up. He was only out for 6 weeks and had a baptism the day before he died.

dog bite attorney los angeles said...

Honoring those men who died of valor should not be constrained to memorial service alone. There are lots of viable ways now available through social media and the likes if the organizers would be really intent to give those men what they rightfully deserve.

Angelica said...

We have to honour all of those names by continuing their work, I'll say a prayer for them on the holidays from my apartment in buenos aires

Anonymous said...

You need to add the name of Elder Matthew Lawrence Knoop from Park City, Utah who was killed by a hit and run driver in Catu, Bahia, Brazil on April 21, 2008.

Heather said...

A few corrections:

Joshua Allan Burton passed away on July 22, 2013 in Guatemala City, Guatemala from injuries sustained when the pick-up truck he was traveling in rolled en route to a service activity.

He was serving in the newly organized Guatemala Coban Mission.

Thank you - Josh's mom, Heather

Shelley Beatty said...

Michael Mercer Smith died while serving in the Adelaide Australia Mission July 4, 1970. He was hit by a car while riding his bike to a fireside. His companion was not involved in the accident.

Anonymous said...

I think there may be a typo for Keith Madsen in Taipei, Taiwan. Elder Madsen was one of the earliest missionaries called to Taiwan and died in 1957, not 1997.

Anonymous said...

My son, Peter Allen Maughan, died on September 15, 2013 while serving in the Mexico Veracruz Mission. His death is still being investigated. I have spoken to Elder James B Martino about a Temple Square memorial to fallen missionaries. I was told that it is being considered. Please write the church missionary department in support of a temple square memorial to fallen missionaries if you support the idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking to time to maintain this site. I stumbled across it and spent roughly 45 min reading the stories of these Missionaries. All of their deaths are heartbreaking and tragic, although I was most disturbed by the incident in Virginia where the two Missionaries observed a crime take place and the suspect who was committing the crime then shot the two young men. One died, the second seriously wounded. To call that senseless is an understatement. I hope the individual who was convicted of the crime spends the next 38 years thinking about his actions. I cannot even fathom what would make any human murder another, particularly an LDS Missionary, so senselessly. Something’s in life are impossible to understand, this was one of them. Again, thank you for you work, it is very well done.

Anonymous said...

You've also left out the heartbreaking death of James E. Christensen. He was murdered by his companion missionary in a brutal attack.

Anonymous said...

Lavinia Niuhulu (21) Passed away on the 1st February 1991, Dunedin mission, South Island - New Zealand. Two Elders who picked her up from the airport survived the car accident. A drunk driver died immediately on impact. Lavinia was on Life support for 2-3 days, but her head injuries were to severe. Thank you Kyrsaan for remembering my sister.

Toni said...

Here's another one to add to your list.

"E. coli infection kills LDS sister missionary in Argentina"
Brittany Nicole Scadlock

Cindy K. Smith-Thredgold said...

Thank you for this wonderful site! As the mother of Connor Benjamin Thredgold… the missionary who died in Taiwan along with his companion, may I just say he died doing what he LOVED!! He was happy to be serving the people of Taiwan… and if we had another son to send (Connor was the baby of the family), we would send another!

His great grandfather, George Bogner Jr., also passed away while on his mission.

I have his obituary if needed to verify information.
George Bogner Jr.
Died in Callao, Lima, Peru
4 Jan, 1967

You may contact me through the link on the Find A Grave website… My link is at the bottom under:
Maintained by: Greg and Cindy Thredgold

Anonymous said...

Another missionary death for you

Anonymous said...

Elder Brendon Hancock was killed in Paris by a drunk driver only three months into his mission. Born in Southeast Arizona. Was called on a mission around 1971. Please call me at 801.759.2370 Robert for additional information. I would like to get this documented for the general public. Robert Payne, Screenwriter, Manhattan Gold, The Baseball Brothers, Pink and Blue Skies over Kolob, listed on

Anonymous said...

Jason Fry Durban, South Africa 5/06-10/06 RIP

Anonymous said...

There was a missionary a David Carrin died in Salt Lake City during his mission serving with his wife Ruth. Back in 20??, maybe 2011,or 2012 not sure. He was from Jacksonville Florida.
I didn't see him.on the list. Thanks