Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ever Hear Of A "Mormon Sexologist"? Dr. Melissa Jones Is A "Sexologist", And Her Stake President In San Antonio Is OK With It

The Salt Lake City Weekly reports that a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing is a "sexologist", and her stake president doesn't have a problem with it.

Dr. Melissa Jones, “The Mormon Sexologist”, is a sexuality educator and a member of the LDS Church. At her sexology practice in San Antonio, Jones helps women and couples overcome roadblocks to intimacy, take control of their sexuality and bring spice back into their relationship. The Weekly got involved in the story because she's holding a series of seminars in Salt Lake City from November 8-10. She's presenting three educational workshops; “Where’d the Mojo Go”, “Mastering the Female Orgasm” and “Fabulous Fellatio: The Art of Oral Sex”. Dr. Jones is a serious person; she holds a masters in womens studies, a doctorate in sexology, and membership in three professional associations. She and her husband have been married for twenty years and are the parents of three children. Here's a short video in which she explains the function of a sexologist:

Dr. Jones says her clients are often referred by gynecologists, urologists and family practice doctors, as well as ecclesiastical leaders. She works with people both in and out of the Church who are suffering from anorgamia, couples who want to spice up their marriage, and men who have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues. Jones insists her profession is not incompatible with LDS standards; she believes her calling was to go into sexology to help couples deal with sexual issues and to help parents educate their children and talk to them about sex. Her objective is to break the stigma in many Mormon families against talking about sex; she says Satan hijacked sex and made it sound dirty, and she wants to take it back from him.

What does she think sex should be like? Here's her answer:

You’re supposed to have a lot of fun. You’re supposed to get to enjoy each other and have a good time. And then, along the way, you realize what sex has done for you is made you stronger and has brought you closer as a couple. And then it turn, it brings you closer to your Heavenly Father because you are closer as a couple and you do love each other more. But people forget that sex is supposed to be good, that you can have a good time along the way.

She's got a point. The Bible doesn't shrink back from sexual issues; 1 Corinthians 7:3 states "Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband". You don't need a PhD in sexology to figure that one out.

Melissa Jones says that back in Texas, some people ask her how she can be a sexologist and still remain a member of the church. But she insists her stake president knows what she does, and she hasn't gotten in trouble yet. But she'd be wise not to show up for her next meeting with her stake president dressed like this; it might cause "hard" feelings, so to speak.

Some more traditionally-minded Mormons may feel awkward about an LDS sexologists presenting a seminar on "fabulous fellatio" (I assume it does NOT include a demonstration-performance segment). This is because LDS authorities once frowned on married couples engaging in anything other than straightforward missionary-type sex. Those who told their bishops that they engaged in oral sex could be denied temple recommends. However, bishops are now instructed not to probe too deeply into sexual behavior within a couple's marriage so long as they are otherwise worthy and are reporting no marital difficulties; they are simply instructed to ascertain that the member is living the law of chastity. So the average bishop won't ask you if you're engaging in oral sex with your spouse unless specifically provoked to do so. And, realistically, it's none of his business.

Perhaps Melissa Jones ought to do one of those "I Am A Mormon" videos. I'd bet it would go viral (LOL).


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