Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BYU Student Brittany Molina Gets The Last Laugh, Lands Modeling Job At Chris And Kate's

Remember BYU student Brittany Molina, who got a mash note from a male student on February 14th telling her that her skirt was too short despite the fact she was wearing leggings underneath? Well, it looks like she got the last laugh. She's landed an endorsement and modeling job with Chris and Kate's, a Utah-based clothing company that specializes in modest attire. KSL news video embedded below:

According to her Twitter site, Brittany was extended the offer on February 19th. Brittany says she still doesn't know who gave her the note, and doesn't seem too particularly interested in finding out. Apparently the Honor Code office has not gotten involved, because she maintains a highly positive attitude towards both BYU and the LDS Church as evidenced by a post on her blog. She writes the following:

When I was being interviewed I really didn't know what to say but to be very careful in my wording because I truly love BYU, and I think the Honor Code is here to protect us and help us be better people. but like I said earlier, the honor code is to help us be modest. not be self-righteous and judgmental. I LOVE the LDS faith. (I served a mini mission and during high school I invited all of my friends over for discussions.) So I didnt want the news people to cut me in a way that was unfavorable towards the church or BYU. But, after thinking about it. I really wish I would have shared more of my thoughts (to the people of the LDS faith, not for the whole world...) about how men like this really aren't approaching the situation in the right way.

More perspective on the guy who gave the note to Brittany is presented on By Common Consent, in the form of this comment:

BYU Student Says: February 16, 2012 at 2:04 pm
I know the guy who wrote the note. We were roommates last year. I would recognize that handwriting anywhere, and I know that he studies in the Tanner Building where this girl was studying, according to the original post on Facebook.

He’s an idiot. He also doesn’t believe women should have the right to vote. (If they’re doing as the Lord commands and staying home, and if they’re doing what the Lord commands and being of one heart and one mind with their husband [who incidentally belongs to the Constitution Party], then there’s no need for them to vote because their husband can handle the affairs outside the home. It’s the system God ordained, don’t you argue with me you follower of Satan, you!)

The best part is that he probably made some sort of lewd remark about the girl (either to himself or to a friend), then wrote the note anonymously and gave it to her, without any idea of the hypocrisy of it all. And he probably felt super righteous for doing it, too, and anybody who questions his methods or motives is simply questioning God. After all, the Honor Code was written by God.

Goodness I hated living with him.

(He once took our dishes — every last one of them — and took them to his parents’ house in Lehi. He left a passive aggressive not saying that if we weren’t responsible enough to wash them, we weren’t responsible enough to have them.)

Oh, and his number one complaint about BYU and life in general is that women won’t go out with him. I wonder why.

The story continues to spark debate, although most people are supportive of Brittany. The BYU Student Review has picked up the story, and a sampling of some of the 107 comments posted to the KSL story are presented below:

Bitsko3 posted 1 day ago:
LOL! I love it!

She was wearing thick winter leggings. Totally opaque. She was covered from neck to toes and all the way to her wrists. Short of a burqa she could not possibly have been more covered up.

Whoever wrote her that note has some very serious issues. Especially worrisome is the fact that he was concerned that the sight of her bare hands and face was dangerous to his moral purity. In other words, he was concerned that the mere presence of a female, with any part of her anatomy visible to his eye, could cause him to lose control of himself.

Sounds like a budding rapist to me.

green_eggs posted 14 hours ago:
This article provides a great opportunity to discuss leggings or any other form fitting clothing. Wearing leggings (even opaque) does not provide excuse to wear skirts or shorts that are cut shorter than what you'd normally wear. I've noticed women who believe that leggings give allowance to wear even only a long shirt with no dress. This is NOT modest.

This girl's outfit is no where near a burqa. I'm not saying that burqas are right or wrong, but they are not form fitting. Form fitting clothing "leaves little to the imagination".

Would this girl truly have worn the exact same dress on campus if she wasn't wearing the leggings?

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