Saturday, June 5, 2010

LDS Author Kim Rives Talks About Her Near-Death Experience Documented In Her Book "My Walk Through Heaven"

Fifty-one-year old Kim Rives, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has written a book entitled "My Walk Through Heaven", in which she documents a near-death experience leading to a short trip back to the spirit world. She has captivated audiences throughout Utah and the West who have invited Rives for seminars. And her basic message to such groups: The only three things that truly matter are that people love, forgive and serve one another. You can read the full story in the Salt Lake Tribune; a short summary and a key excerpt are provided below.

You can visit Kim Rives' website and find out more about her book HERE.

The countdown to Rives' experience began in 1997, when doctors found examined a lump on her breast that was the size of an egg. It was determined to be cancerous. At first, she refused traditional medicine, and tried to cure it with diet and nutrition. But when the cancer continued to progress, Rives agreed to chemotherapy. Weakened from the disease and treatment, she slept much of the time and no longer could work. At one point before a bone-marrow transplant, she was near death from viruses due to a weakened immune system. Lying on a rented hospital bed in her mother's second bedroom, she prayed for release from her pain. God's answer to that prayer was a glimpse of heaven she never will forget, described below:

Rives, according to her own account, was led by a messenger through a beautiful, rose-studded meadow to a city -- bypassing two others -- that boasted streets of gold and diamond-studded buildings.

Inside a classroom, she says, she met her deceased grandmother, who was teaching other ancestors about genealogy. She also met Joseph Smith, founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He, too, was teaching a lesson. Her twin sisters, who had died in infancy, were there, and she saw a vision of her premortal self learning to love music.

Rives says she was taught about forgiveness from her Mother in Heaven and shown orphans in the Third World whose personal lights beamed brighter as they received handcrafted clothing that Rives' own mother had made.

Jesus Christ, she says, showed her his crucifixion, which was more violent and painful than she ever had imagined. From the cross, she says, "he asked me to give him my pain." Jesus also showed her a vision of the basement pigsty and her young self, surrounded by demons that she later realized symbolized the anger, depression, fear and guilt in her life. "He said, 'Kim, look to the light and live,' " she recalls. "As soon as I was willing to look at his light, they had to flee. I felt his power, strength and deliverance...He didn't point out my faults, my failings, my weaknesses. He just loved me. He's God, but here he is willing to serve me. I'm still humbled by that."

It became apparent during her trip through heaven that she was expected to return to her body. She balked. Finally, she was led to her sister's room in Logan, where Krambule was working on her master's thesis, aided by a "cute" male angel who could communicate by thought with Rives and whom her sister clearly could not see.

Rives watched as her sister answered a phone call from their mother, saying she had found Rives cold and lifeless. "It was terrifying," [Sandy] Krambule [her sister] says. "Mom was saying, 'She's gone. We've lost her.' " She demanded their mother put the phone by Rives' ear. "I told her to come back," Krambule remembers.

Suddenly, Rives began talking to Krambule, in what she now believes was her "spirit voice," through the phone receiver. Her mother, with Rives' body, saw and heard none of the conversation, but Rives assured Krambule she was in the room with her. She affirmed it by telling her what she and her little girls were doing, what they were wearing. She even told her about the cute angel helping write her master's thesis. "It was a little bit of a head trip," Krambule remembers.

Krambule again told her sister to go back to her body. The second Rives decided she should return, she was whisked through a tunnel, a portal back to earthly life.

Other Latter-day Saints have reported near-death experiences as well, most notably Betty Eadie, who wrote a series of books about her experience and the message she was told to deliver. Jedediah Grant's near-death experience is described HERE. And more experiences are documented on

The LDS Church does not take an official position on near-death experiences, but teaches that individual members can receive personal revelation in a variety of ways. The one ground rule is that a Church member can only receive revelation applicable to self, family, and Church calling; only the President of the Church, in his capacity as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, is entitled to receive revelation applicable to the Church as a whole. So if someone comes to you and claims he's had a revelation saying the the Church leadership has all gone astray and needs to repent, that person most likely has been influenced by Satan.

An authentic revelation may frequently present facts and truth not contained in existing scripture, but an authentic revelation will NEVER contain information explicitly contrary to existing scripture.


pat said...

So let me get this straight...people first, then Joseph Smith, then Jesus?!? Call me CRAZY, but the first encounter I want to have in heaven is with God, and God alone! Not other people...PEOPLE ARE NOT GOD, we are made in His image! So...if I'm met in that tunnel by anyone but God going toward any light but God, I'm turning around and hightailing it back the one that leads directly to Him!

Susan said...

So very , very decieved...even after "death ", for a moment, the enemy is still decieving Mormons...hopefully, this LDS cult will listen to our Lord & Savior's Word,, His only Word, the Bible & come into His true truth & light....and then become part of His family! I will continue to pray & hope!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting the comments to this blog. I'm surprised at the ignorance and the lack of genuine love. You will come unto his light if you've earned it. But even the bible lets you know that you have to earn your place in heaven, it isn't just given to you. Hence there is a Hell too. Does it make sense to you that everyone makes it to Heaven just by wanting to be there without works? If you passed away and then came back, wouldn't you be delighted to see people you love? If not, then there needs to be a great deal of change and a lot more love going on with those around you. For the bible is also full of loving your family and your neighbors... God is not a selfish God... please stop trying to make him appear that way. He is a loving God and has His purpose as to why things are organized the way He wants them to be. The world is too caught up in labeling God and thinking they are so smart that they know why He does what He does. Personally, God is all magnificent and He knows and is more intelligent then anyone here. It would be of best interest to understand God for who he truly is, not try to determine what he thinks and how he does things, according to how it benefits you. I also love how Mormon's get labeled for being deceived when it is Satan's purpose to deceive all. Everyone is in the realm of being deceived. There is no perfect religion, however, people like to label one religion more wicked then the other. How about looking at people individually and seeing what they are doing as a person, instead of what religion they are from? Do Mormon's love God. Yes. Are mormon's trying to better themselves and be righteous. Yes. Are Christians, Baptists, etc. doing the same? Yes. Stop blaming seriously! There isn't a justifiable purpose or even anything in the bible that would back up mocking and criticizing your neighbors.. and by neighbors I mean mormons, baptists, jews, etc. Whoever they are. I'd suggest knowing 100% what you are judging before you judge it.

Ekka said...

Anonymous said...
(It's interesting the comments to this blog. I'm surprised at the ignorance and the lack of genuine love. You will come unto his light if you've earned it. But even the bible lets you know that you have to earn your place in heaven, it isn't just given to you.)

Hello Anonymous, you are a liar and are totally wrong in your thinking.

Here is what the Bible says,

Ephesians 2:8-9 NKJV

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

Unknown said...

Mormonism maybe off base.Yes I believe it to be a cult.But Jesus holds our soul.Washed in His Blood.I believe Him by faith to be God.God the Son.These three are One.But not three gods.Time is short.I believe in the rapture of the church.It will be soon.I too died in 1978.You can see my testimony if you look for it.It is in ten parts.Here a clip there a clip.Everywhere a clip clip. LOL

Anonymous said...

I've read thousands of accounts of near death experiences from many different faiths, and 90% of them are first greeted by loved ones, its a very common experience, and then they meet God. these people who posted comments on here are filled with so much hate for the followers of Jesus Christ, but once they die they will know the truth. I'm not worried about their hateful confused words aimed at Mormons, I think they need to look at their hearts and their lack of love, its only love we take with us to the other side, nothing else. so the more you live others the more your spirit will shine on the other side. may God heal those with hate in their hearts

ando49 said...

Amen to Anonymous. It's aad to see people blinded by hate. Nothing makes me more convinced of Mormonism, than to read the hateful remarks of hateful people. God bless Kim Rives and all the others who have shared their NDE's. They are changing world. One day hate will vanish, replaced by love.

Loralee Choate said...

Sorry, guys...I pick love and kindness. For everyone. Yes, even people who call me a liar or a cult member. If I can love a very bitter and anti-Mormon grandmother, a few people spouting off about a religion full of goodness and love and trying to color it as evil is not a big obstacle. May you find peace, love, happiness, and spiritual growth in the religion that best suits you. God bless.

Anonymous said...

My concern with Kim Rives is that she is a hypnotherapist-I don't believe we are to entrust our minds to any person for manipulation which is what suggestion through hypnotherapy is. I noted that her affect was blunted while describing her heavenly experience; coming across as robotic like, the only time she changed expression was to show how wide open Jesus' mouth was open on the cross. I do not doubt that she loves Jesus and that she experienced unconditional love and no condemnation. We serve others out of our love for god and his Savior Yeshua/Jesus, not to earn salvation for all fall short of the glory of God, salvation is a gift, a gift that cost God his Son-grace is not cheap.

Anonymous said...

There is so much hate about the LDS church that people want us to leave the church I won't leave it read your bible then read the book of Mormon its all there who gives the right to judge remember that read your scriptures about judgeing