Thursday, June 3, 2010

Douglas Dispatch Profiles Four LDS Missionaries Serving In Douglas, Arizona; Erroneously Identify Us As "Ladder-Day Saints"

On June 2nd, 2010, the Douglas Dispatch profiled four missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently serving in Douglas, Arizona. Throughout the article, the Dispatch refers to us as "Ladder-day Saints". Obviously a typo, but instead of being offended, I found it humorous.

Some might even suggest that serving a LDS mission is a major step up the "celestial ladder", so to speak.

The missionaries and their particulars:

-- Elder David Bradfield, an LDS convert from Phoenix, served in Tucson for seven months, then to Favens, TX for almost a year. Has been in Douglas for three months, and will finish up on July 7th.

-- Elder Jordan Schenk, born LDS from Idaho Falls. Previously served in Nogales, AZ for five months and has been in Douglas for two months. His mission ends in October 2011.

-- Elder George Hernandez, born LDS from Mexico City. Has been in Douglas for three months. He completes his mission in January 2012. He is the first missionary in his family. A bit odd that a foreign Church member would be called to serve a mission in the United States, but it does happen, which illustrates how the Church has grown outside the U.S.

-- Elder Timothy Anderson, born LDS from Kansas City, MO. Previously served in El Paso, TX for a year, just arrived in Douglas on June 2nd. Will finish his mission in June 2011.

All four appear enthusiastic about their missions. Missionaries help to serve people in need regardless of their religion. They not only proselyte, but they help people move, paint, landscape, etc. But talking to people, sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and helping people understand God has a plan for them is their primary purpose. Nevertheless, despite their distinct appearance, the missionaries want the public to see them as just normal people.


Joseph Smidt said...

It's been my experience that a sizable fraction (perhaps even a majority) of the members themselves pronounce it verbally as "Ladder-day Saints""Latter-day Saints".

Jack Mormon said...

This is true. But it's the first time I've seen a media outlet spell it that way in print. I got a chuckle out of it; it's not as if they were defaming our religion.

Pat said...

if we are, in fact, capable of "climbing a ladder" to heaven by our own efforts, doesn't that kind of diminish the work Jesus did on the cross? it would also make Him a liar, because the last words He said before He gave up the ghost were, "It is finished."
Not sure what would compel someone not to believe Him, but I do. My belief in His work then "earns" my ticket to heaven. With all that work done, I can now go about my life here in service to Him doing good works for His glory, not mine (in order to 'earn' my salvation).
Just some thoughts about what God - not any man - says.