Monday, December 8, 2014

Motorist Dies After Crashing Into The Base Of The Lubbock LDS Temple

Media outlets are reporting that a man crashed his car into the LDS temple in Lubbock, Texas, but the temple itself only sustained minor cosmetic damage on the exterior. News video available from KCBD NewsCenter 11 (doesn't embed properly).

Lubbock Online (5 free views per 30 days) has the most complete account so far. Cameron Tanner Alldredge, 25, was traveling east when he drove through the intersection at 7100 Genoa Avenue sometime after noon on December 8th and struck a metal fence at the east side of the intersection. According to Lubbock police, Alldredge continued east and struck a retaining wall on the west side of the temple in the 7000 block of Frankford Avenue, coming to rest at the base of the temple. No other vehicles or individuals were involved. Although first responders initially reported Alldredge had critical injuries, by 2:30 P.M. he was pronounced dead. The Lubbock Police Department is continuing to investigate to determine if there were other contributing factors, although KCBD reports that Alldredge wasn't wearing a seat belt.

The Lubbock Texas Temple, dedicated in April 2002, serves an estimated 13,500 LDS members from 6 stakes and 1 district based in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico:

-- Abilene Texas Stake
-- Amarillo Texas Stake
-- Fort Stockton Texas District
-- Lubbock Texas North Stake
-- Lubbock Texas Stake
-- Odessa Texas Stake
-- Roswell New Mexico Stake


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