Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mormonism Unveiled Back In Service After Being Briefly "Locked" By Blogger Over Malware Link

In case you were wondering why you couldn't read this blog between late Friday February 7th and early Sunday February 9th, 2014, here's the reason. Blogger temporarily locked it down over a malware link issue.

The problem was caused by the third-party sitemap widget I was using. The widget code contained a link back to the website of the originator. However, sometime between 2011 and now, the originator's website was tagged as a malware link. Blogger does not permit blogs to link to suspected malware sites. So they locked down this blog so that only I could view it.

Resolving it was much simpler than in the past. Instructions on correcting the problem and requesting a review are clearly posted on the dashboard. Blogger provided me a direct link to the post containing the problem. I immediately deleted the post, which contained the link, then requested a review. Blogger asks you to describe the corrective measures taken. And less than 48 hours afterwards, the review is complete and this blog is available to the public again.

Blogger has clearly streamlined and improved its review procedures.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jack Mormon

I was wondering you have not given your view of the Tom Phillips fraud case against Tom Monson the corporate sole? Tom Phillips is still a Mormon, he has not been excommunicated or disfellowshipped. Tom Phillips lays out his case on the podcast Infants on Thrones, which is very compelling and very interesting. Normally I would dismiss this kind of stuff but looking into the matter I found that he actually cleared some big legal procedures to even get the summons issued, this case apparently has enough teeth in it according to UK district judge to proceed. Tom Philllips angle is very interesting that has nothing to do with religious belief at all.. Look into it, this is actually worth doing a write up on your blog about it, I would be interested in your view after you thoroughly look at Tom Phillips real issue for this action. I initially dismissed this as a bunch of crap but after digging into the matter and now I can see his point he is trying to make.