Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogger's "Search This Blog" Widget Not Working; Here's A Temporary Substitute Widget

As of January 20th, 2014, the "Search This Blog" widget does not work on Blogger blogs. It will continually indicate "Loading", but never completely load. Blogger is working on the problem.

However, I have found a temporary substitute. The HTML code and the output are provided below. I caused the HTML code to appear as text by prefixing the code string with xmp enclosed by carets and suffixing it with backslash xmp enclosed by carets:

<code><form action="/search" method="get"><br /> <input name="q" type="text"/><br /> <input value="Search This Blog" type="submit"/><br /> </form></code>

I also found you can cause HTML code to appear as text by prefixing and suffixing with the textarea command, too:

This code will produce this widget, which currently appears on my left sidebar:


kashan nasir said...

nice work dude !!

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Anime Decoder said...

thanks man this thing works. Can you tell me how to align the search button right after the search box.