Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is Barack Obama And China Laying The Foundation For Fulfillment Of The White Horse Prophecy Via A Land-For-Debt Deal Involving American Soil?

The White Horse Prophecy, attributable to the Prophet Joseph Smith in May 1843, is not considered doctrinal by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On January 6th, 2010, the LDS Church released an official statement saying in part, "The so-called 'White Horse Prophecy' is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is not embraced as Church doctrine." FairMormon provides more background on the controversy surrounding this prophecy.

However, there's an interesting portion of the White Horse Prophecy which may be in prospective danger of fulfillment. Towards the very end, Joseph Smith allegedly said "There is a land beyond the Rocky Mountains that will be invaded by the heathen Chinese unless great care and protection are given". In this context, "beyond the Rocky Mountains" could mean the three West Coast states.

According to a new development reported by, which also references a January 2013 article in WorldNetDaily for additional credibility, Barack Obama and the Chinese government are allegedly exploring a debt-for-land swap to convert more than $1 trillion of U.S debt it owns into equity. Under this scheme, China could set up “development zones” in which the communist nation could establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work. Under the plan, China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss. The Obama Administration would grant a financial guarantee as an inducement for China to convert U.S. debt into Chinese direct equity investment. The objective would be for China to resume lending to the U.S. on a nearly zero-interest basis. However, converting Chinese debt to equity investments in the United States could also easily add another $1 trillion to outstanding Obama Administration guarantees issued in the current economic crisis, which would permit Obama to continue expanding entitlements and mandates while minimizing financial pain inflicted upon Americans.

Yu Qiao, a professor of economics in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsighua University in Beijing, says what worries Asian investors is that if the U.S. dollar collapsed under the weight of proposed Obama Administration trillion-dollar budget deficits into the foreseeable future, Asian holders of U.S. debt would face substantial losses that the Financial Times estimated would devastate Asians’ hard-earned wealth and terminate economic globalization.

What could possibly go wrong with this scheme?

(1). How much political sovereignty would China have in these "development zones"? Would they be considered Chinese territory?

(2). What type of working conditions would prevail within these "development zones"? China is notorious for employing production workers in sweatshops in which they work up to 72 hours per week at minimum wage, with rarely a bathroom or meal break.

(3). If these "development zones" were to break down, would China invade militarily to enforce their sovereignty? Would our military, whose senior leadership is currently being decapitated by the Obama Administration using spurious tales of "using counterfeit poker chips" as an excuse to purge senior officers, have the capacity and the will to resist a Chinese invasion?

The White Horse Prophecy may not be considered doctrinal, but it seems like the Prophet Joseph Smith knew what he was talking about when he warned us about the "heathen Chinese". In fact, the only part of the White Horse Prophecy with which I disagree is this part:

"While the terrible revolution of which I have spoken has been going on, England will be neutral until it becomes so inhuman that she will interfere to stop the shedding of blood. England and France will unite together to make peace, not to subdue the nations; they will find the nations so broken up and so many claiming government, till there will be no responsible government. Then it will appear to the other nations or powers as though England had taken possession of the country. The Black Horse will flee to the invaders and will join with them, for they will have fear of becoming slaves again. Knowing England did not believe in slavery, fleeing to them they believe would make them safe. Armed with British bayonets, the doings of the Black Horse will he terrible."

I don't believe either the British or the French have the wherewithal or resolve to intervene militarily on our soil. But the rest of the prophecy ought not to be discounted, even if the LDS Church cannot satisfactorily vouch for its origins.

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