Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogger's "Create Link List" Gadget Not Working; Use "Configure HTML/Javascript" Gadget As Temporary Workaround

This post is to advise readers and other bloggers that Blogger's "Create Link List" gadget is not working. When you click "Add Link" after typing in the website name and url, it will not list the new link. See first illustration below for example. I first noticed this problem on October 7th. Blogger is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

Workaround: There is an alternate way to create a link list. Use the "Configure HTML/Javascript" gadget to create a temporary link list. Under Content, type in the name of the desired link, highlight the name with your mouse, click the green Link icon, and enter the url of your link, then click Save. The results should be similar to what you see below.

Update October 10th: Problem is now solved; just successfully posted a link to The Natural Family Blog under the Links list.


Anonymous said...

Oct 19 2013 I created a link list gadget for my blog but it does not show up - If I "edit" it, the link I've added does not appear - the gadget also does not appear on my blog main page.

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Little Lady said...

I did the same but the links did not take me to my posts. Let me try this thanks!