Thursday, August 29, 2013

Both Fake LDS Missionaries Now In Custody In Las Vegas, Case Will Be Forwarded For Trial

The second of two Mormon missionary imposters is now in custody. On Wednesday August 28th, 2013, Robert Estall, 25, turned himself in to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. This comes only five days after Abraham Austin, 28, was arrested in North Las Vegas on August 23rd. Austin has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary with a gun, battery, robbery with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon and two counts of kidnapping; Estall is facing identical charges. Their first hearing is scheduled for August 30th. Facilitating the quick arrests was the fact that both suspects were identified by members of the public as having served in the military at Nellis Air Force Base; consequently, police contacted authorities at Nellis and obtained records on the two perps to use in their investigation.

The two perps, dressed in missionary attire except for the lack of name tags, knocked on Terrence Delucia's door in the area of Flamingo Road and Buffalo Drive in southwest Las Vegas at around 6:20 A.M. on June 27th, 2013 and said they "wanted to talk religion" with Delucia. Delucia told them it was too early in the day and began to close the door on the two perps, where upon they forced their way in and jumped him. According to earlier reports, the perps took $3,000 the family had been saving for a trip to Disneyland, along with three iPads and an iPod, but according to this new report, one of the intruders starting yelling "Where's the safe?" "Where's the money?" and "We know you have money". They pistol-whipped Delucia several times in the back of his head and face, and then, in addition to the other items taken, the perps took about an ounce of the man's medical marijuana from a safe in his garage before leaving.

This latter report makes me wonder if the perps obtained information about Delucia from the person who supplies his medical marijuana. What better explanation can be offered for the specific questions directed at Delucia by the perps?

Update October 3rd: On September 13th, Las Vegas Township Judge Janiece Marshall found enough evidence existed to send this case to trial in Clark County District Court, despite a discrepancy in an account of the incident related by the victim, Terence Delucia. The preliminary hearing also revealed that Delucia was a reluctant witness and prosecutors had to issue a warrant to get him to testify just days before the family was scheduled to move out of state. On the stand, though, he said he’d never received calls from prosecutors asking him to appear and denied that he was forced to testify. The case could hinge on Terence Delucia’s testimony, since he said his wife and daughter were hidden in other rooms of the house while the alleged attack and theft went down. Robert Estall, 25, and Abraham Austin Jr., also known as Abraham Austins Jr., 28, are charged with first-degree kidnapping, robbery, battery and burglary in the alleged pistol-whipping and robbery of Terence Delucia on June 27th. Both remain in Clark County Detention Center, where bail for each is $250,000.

Update November 18th: Clark County Detention Center records indicate both Estall and Austin are still in jail, and that their next court hearing is scheduled for January 8th, 2014.

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