Sunday, June 16, 2013

Glenn Beck Cites Book Of Mormon As Evidence The World Is In The End Times During His June 14th Radio Show

During the third hour of his radio show on Friday June 14th, 2013, LDS entertainer Glenn Beck cited the Book of Mormon as evidence that the world is about to enter the end times before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He cited examples of ritualistic cannibalism as described in Moroni chapter 9 verses 8 and 10, where Lamanites and Nephites alike would eat the hearts of their vanquished enemies out of the belief that this would give them courage, and linked it to similar practices taking place during the civil war currently in Syria. Beck cited the example of a Syrian rebel soldier who was filmed ripping out the heart of a vanquished government soldier and eating it. Here's the segment where Beck cites the Book of Mormon:

The Money Shot: "I happen to believe in another book called 'The Book of Mormon,' and in it, in the very end is the story of the Americas. And it's only a story of 'watch for these things.' It is really a calendar, that's all it is. Watch for these things and you will know".

At times, Glenn Beck may seem like a huckster whose style of discourse puts off those who are more intellectually inclined. But his testimony of the Book of Mormon is rock solid, and if he was to discuss the secret combinations in the Book of Mormon and describe their equivalents today, he would gain more credibility with much of the LDS community. LDS Freedom Forum gives Beck a thumbs-up.

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