Friday, April 26, 2013

LDS Missionaries Interrupt Burglary In Progress In Mesa, Arizona; Victim Recovers Her Possessions, Getaway Driver Arrested

A pair of missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints interrupted a burglary in progress in their neighbor's residence in Mesa, Arizona, and as a result, the victim got all of his possessions back, even though one of the burglars escaped. The primary story was posted by KSAZ Channel 10 in Phoenix, although KSL Channel 5 has also picked it up (comments to each story are of interest) since both missionaries are from Utah.

Summary: On Tuesday April 23rd, 2013, Elder Corey Brown and his unidentified companion had just returned from proselyting and were talking outside their Mesa home around 8:00 P.M. when they saw a man leave Raina Eames' house next door with an arm full of laptops and jewelry. Eames and her family were dining out at the time, and the missionaries did not recognize the man as being a regular visitor to the house. So they called 911 as they followed the man, and watched him put the loot in a car that a female accomplice, Cynthia Espinosa-Elizalde, was driving. They verbally confronted the female, who tried to deflect them by saying that they just wanted to "use the phone", but the missionaries weren't fooled, and stayed with them. Meanwhile, another neighbor was taking video on a cell phone.

When the police arrived, the unidentified male burglar escaped on foot, but Cynthia Espinosa-Elizalde was arrested, and the Eames got their stolen property back. Espinosa-Elizalde has been charged with criminal trespass and second degree burglary. Raina Eames was quite grateful, and said the missionaries had been delightful neighbors since they moved in. Elder Brown did not say whether or not he had a premonition from the Holy Ghost, but noted "I really believe that God is working through all of us and nothing is a coincidence, it all happens for a reason". KSAZ news video embedded below:

Some comments of interest from the news sites:

Jeani M. Wade · Tulsa, Oklahoma (KSAZ):
My little sister lives in Mesa, and she actually knows one of the Elders. I think you're right when saying "humanity needs more real life heros."

Ammon Johnson · Milan, Tennessee (KSAZ):
...yeah, this was actually one of my companions on my mission.

Dale Eames · University of Phoenix (KSAZ):
I thank God for those missionaries that stop the burglary of my home! Thank you!

CrossDavid1987 posted 2 hours ago (KSL):
Samurai wielding Bishops, burglar stopping missionaries! What will the Mormons do next?! Maybe a Stake President will stop a nationwide terrorist plot?

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