Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Former Police Chief Tom Finn Says Boulder City, Nevada Is Controlled By The "Mormon Mafia" And Claims Religious Discimination; LDS Mayor Roger Tobler Disagrees

The recently-fired police chief of Boulder City, Nevada, Tom Finn, claims that his city is controlled by a "Mormon Mafia", and that Mormon control of city government means relatives and fellow church members get preferential treatment. Mayor Roger Tobler has fired back and claimed that's unfair criticism. Although only 16 percent of Boulder City residents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the mayor, city manager, city attorney, county commissioner, and four of the five city council members are all Mormons. This post references and summarizes the following three stories from KLAS Channel 8 in Las Vegas:

-- "I-Team: Embattled Chief Says Mormons Control Boulder City", April 11th, 2013

-- "I-Team: Boulder City Police Chief Files Complaints", April 12th, 2013

-- "I-Team: Boulder City Mayor Responds to Ethics Allegations", April 16th, 2013

The relationship between Chief Finn and the rest of the city's politicos was fine by all accounts until the Mongols Motorcycle Club visited Boulder City for their national meeting in June 2012. According to Mongols' attorney Stephen Stubbs, who is also LDS, Finn ordered his cops to lean on the group of 400 and put them on a short leash; the cops gave out 17 tickets for illegal handlebars, all of which were eventually tossed out. In response, Finn said he was being careful with the Mongols because their bitter rivals, the Hells Angels, were meeting that same weekend in Las Vegas. Finn said he received information from a reliable source that there was a shoot-to-kill order issued by the Mongols leadership if any Hells Angels showed up at the Boulder City event. But one of the LDS Councilmen, Cam Walker, helped welcome the Mongols to City Hall prior to the event, afterwards joining them on the street.

Chief Finn also issued an email which said his cops would have a zero tolerance policy while the Mongols were in town. He later ordered the email deleted, worried it might fall into the wrong hands. However, it is a felony for a public official to delete a public record in Nevada. Armed with that information, Walker went to the city manager to ask that Finn be fired or disciplined. With that, the feud was on full blast, and it culminated with Chief Finn filing five ethics complaints against three different city officials; one against Mayor Tobler, one against City Manager David Fraser, and three against Councilman Walker (HERE, HERE, and HERE) Finn was fired on April 15th after refusing a demand to resign; he was an at-will employee and had no contract with the city. Finn also filed a lawsuit against the city, naming City Attorney Dave Olsen, Councilman Cam Walker, police Sgt. John Chase, retired Sgt. Dan Jennings and Stephen Stubbs, an attorney for the Mongols Motorcycle Club, as defendants; it was rejected and Finn had to pay Stephen Stubbs' attorney fees. Finn also filed a federal EEOC complaint in which he alleges religious discrimination; Finn is Roman Catholic.

In response, Mayor Tobler denied that there is any Mormon conspiracy, saying that there's just no way a so-called Mormon Mafia could call the shots in his town because the public is too smart and well-informed for that. He characterized the predominance of Mormons in city government as a "historical aberration". However, KLAS uncovered the fact that Mayor Tobler has intervened in police business repeatedly. He complained to the city manager previously because he heard rumors Finn wasn't spending much time in his office, which proved unfounded. In early 2012, police tried to pull over a 16-year-old girl, who didn't stop until she got to her home, right next door to the mayor. Tobler's neighbors, who are fellow Mormons, reportedly complained that squad cars had come into the "Mormon part of town". Mayor Tobler called both the city manager and the chief to complain. Months before that, Tobler pressured the police to increase red light enforcement on the town's main drag, coincidentally in the same area where Tobler's hardware store sits.

I seriously doubt there's any religious bigotry in this case. However, it looks like Mayor Tobler and Councilman Walker are playing fast and loose with the rules; no corruption, just insensitivity. Chief Finn did himself no favors when he deleted a public record and started spamming elected officials with ethics complaints. Both sides seem to be acting childish. The community appears to be split over whether Finn should have been fired.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the claim of the "Mormon Mafia". Boulder City police under orders by the "Mormon Mafia" pulled over a well-known Whistle Blower (against LDS Leaders) for going 5 miles over the speed limit and then wanted to put him in jail for a totally trumped up charge of an expired Nevada driver's license...He had a current Arizona drivers license. Everything was dismissed except for an outlandish amount paid for the 5 mile speeding charge.

Utah, LV, NV, and Mesa, AZ are also known for their "Mormon Mafia" tyrannical rule as well as the CIA and FBI. Search it out on the internet. Also read, "Happy Valley: Mafia, Mormons, Murder and More" about life in Provo, Utah with the same secrets of corruption that the Catholic Church has had exposed, (pedophilia, murder, secret polygamist "mistresses" by the big boys, thefts, etc.) going on in Utah. Many other books expose the dark secrets, "Tell It All" by Fanny Stenhouse, "Rocky Mountain Saints" by TBH Stenhouse (loyal Mormon Missionaries who lived under the rule of Brigham Young). They tell how horrible polygamy was, the depression/threats of "Blood Atonement" by Brigham and the deaths of the women and men who murmured (LDS Church History, Journal of Discourses 3 and 4)and what it was really like under the murderous reign of King Brigham, who ORDERED the infamous Mountain Meadow Massacre (search that on the internet).

The church leaders aka Money Changers know they are guilty of much corruption, including documented thefts, which include a multi-million dollar gold mine, Cook 500 million dollar ranch now part of Deseret Ranch, illegal thefts of people's property through fronts such as Zion's Banks, Admon Kashoggi/Triad Center/Illegal Arms dealer, and Barrick Gold, etc. see

Note the trail of "accidental" deaths of witnesses, including Alan Barnes, son-in-law and an "embarrassment" to Hinckley, who mysteriously died weeks prior to the nationally-publicized trial for the LDS Winter Olympic Bribery scandal (scholarships and prostitution, since "that's how Japan bribed the Olympic committee").
Absolute power corrupts absolutely...Not one leader has received prophesy from God or been called by God only "ordained" by the people. Read Rock Waterman's Pure Mormonism for truth about the LDS corruption. It's worse than what people imagine.