Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Supporter Publishes Anti-Mormon Facebook Page Entitled "Vote No To Mitt Romney And The Mormon Plan For America"

KTVX Channel 4 is reporting on November 5th, 2012 on the existence of an anti-Mormon Facebook page entitled "Vote No To Mitt Romney and the Mormon Plan for America". An examination of the Facebook page, which can be read by anyone, indicates its creator is a supporter of Barack Obama and intends to vote for him on November 6th. There's no indication that the Facebook page is officially affiliated with the Obama campaign, however.

Here's a screenshot of the About page, in case the Facebook site is taken down:

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The following two statements indicate the page's creator is an Obama supporter:

-- "So when I post something to support that position a response against Obama is inappropriate and can get you banned".

-- "I also welcome post in support of candidates (Like the President) who are against Romney. I may even post some my self as I will be voting for him".

One of the most vitriolic critics is Karen Bradshaw, who identifies herself as an ex-Mormon. Since she so thoughtfully included her photo with her post, I have just as thoughtfully included it with my screenshots. Here are three posts, the last two which show the depths of her hatred for the Church:

The sequence below is in response to this side-by-side picture of Mitt Romney and Joseph Smith:

So not only does she hate the Church, she thinks Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney are both traitors. She thinks criticism of the president is treason. There's no doubt that she would have been part of the mob at Carthage jail which assassinated Joseph and Hyrum Smith. It illustrates that some ex-Mormons can become so consumed with hatred towards the Church they become, in spirit, delivered unto the buffetings of Satan. Karen Bradshaw is evil incarnate. And these are the type of people who support Barack Obama.

The commentary on that Facebook page is so evil and hideous that KTVX could not restrain themselves, entitling their story "Facebook page spreading lies about LDS Church and Romney". They openly characterize the page as sharing false information about the LDS Church and tying Romney to the misrepresentations. KTVX even posted a hot link to the LDS website so that readers could immediately get the truth. This is impressive, considering that KTVX is not owned by the LDS Church or any of its subsidiaries.

Karen Bradshaw will have reason to regret her statements someday. For her sake, I hope that "someday" occurs while she is still in the flesh -- and has time to repent. Our worst enemies tend to be those who were once Mormons, just like the Nephites' worst enemies among the Lamanites were those who dissented from the Nephites.

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