Sunday, November 18, 2012

Former LDS Missionary Caleb Daniel Lowe Accused Of Sexual Display Solicitation Of A 13-Year-Old Girl While Serving In Lincoln, Maine

A former missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been accused of sexual display solicitation which occurred while he was still assigned to the mission field in Lincoln, Maine. Although WGAN and the Bangor Daily News do not specifically mention "former", the charges have been filed against him in his hometown of Springfield, Oregon, so it is reasonable to assume he's no longer on his mission.

Twenty-two year old Caleb Daniel Lowe was serving his mission in Lincoln when he met the 13-year-old girl while staying with her family as part of his mission. It was not reported whether or not he actually solicited the girl while on his mission. What is clear is that Lowe began texting the girl in September and continued until early November, sending many sexually suggestive messages, a nude photograph of himself, and requests that she send him a nude photo in return. The case first broke when the girl’s mother saw a nude photograph of Lowe and the suggestive texts while examining her daughter's cell phone. [Note to parents: This is why you want to check your teen's cell phone periodically if it has photo and text capability -- as an additional form of protection.]

The girl's mother contacted police in Lincoln. Since Lowe was back in Oregon by this time, Lincoln police contacted Springfield police, who confronted Lowe with the accusations. After Lowe agreed to show police his cell phone, investigators found a matching nude photo of Lowe and many of the sexually suggestive texts he sent. He was arrested on November 8th and charged attempting to use a child in a sexual display. He is currently in jail.

Under Oregon law, Lowe cannot be charged for sending the nude photograph or for making sexual remarks, but only for suggesting that the girl send him the photograph. Nevertheless, if he's convicted, he would face a maximum sentence of five years in prison and mandatory registration as a sex offender in Oregon.

This is why missionaries are assigned companions and the companions must remain within sight and sound of each other. Of course, if Lowe did all this stuff after he returned from his mission, that would not matter. Returned missionaries are urged to find a wife and enter into eternal marriage, but this is not the way the Church recommends it be done. He will face a disciplinary council if he is convicted.

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