Friday, October 26, 2012

LDS Nevada Senator Harry Reid Suffers Minor Rib Injury In Las Vegas Traffic Mishap; All Mormons Should Pray For His Recovery

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting the U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been injured in a rear-end traffic mishap in Las Vegas. The prognosis is good; although Senator Reid suffered no visible injuries, he was taken to University Medical Center Trauma as a precaution. KSNV Channel 3 reports that Reid is stable and doing fine. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Reid suffered minor rib injuries. CNN reports that no one else was injured enough to require transport to hospital.

Senator Reid was in Las Vegas on Friday October 26th for the dedication of the National Atomic Testing Museum. He was due at the Review-Journal offices for an editorial board meeting with the newspaper's Spanish language publication, El Tiempo, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. The accident, which involved two Metro police vehicles, two Capital Police vehicles and two civilian vehicles, occurred about 1:10 p.m. in the northbound lanes of I-15, north of Sahara Avenue.

Update November 1st: The Las Vegas Sun now reports that there were only four cars initially involved. Two vehicles leased by the federal government flanked in the front and rear by two Metro vehicles were traveling in a line in the northbound lanes of I-15 when traffic apparently stopped abruptly. One of the last two cars in the line rear-ended the car it was following and a chain-reaction accident, which eventually involved a fifth car, occurred. A Capitol Police officer was driving the next-to-last vehicle in the motorcade, and a Metro officer was driving the car bringing up the rear. Reid was riding in the second car from the front of the detail, and later said “I thought it was all over with, the crunching and banging, and then we got hit from the side and it threw me into the armrest in the back of that Suburban. And that’s what hurt me.” Reid is out of the hospital and is recovering; just a bit sore.

Already there are some contemptible flame comments being posted to media sites. On KVVU Channel 5, Chinook10199 wrote "I hope he soon ends up with his buddy Arlen Specter. Hell needs him and Nancy". Worse yet, the comment has received 22 "thumbs-up" so far. To the Review-Journal, Kelly Miller Smith wrote "...Harry Reid will die only when another devil is needed in Hell". Absolutely despicable -- are we so cutthroat and cold-blooded as a people as to wish harm on someone who merely thinks differently than we do? Fortunately, jrwkpricester countered on KVVU with "I am a conservative Christian who is praying for Reid's safety and recovery at the hospital, as well as the safety and recovery of all others involved". Now that's a more Christ-like attitude.

While I strongly oppose Harry Reid's politics, I intend to pray for his speedy and complete recovery. I invite all members of the LDS Church, as well as other men and women of good will, to join me in this endeavor. Besides, we could do much worse than to have a devout Mormon as the U.S. Senate Majority Leader; we know that he will allow the Senate to go only so far and not much further. If Nancy Pelosi was the majority leader, it would become a full-scale Gadianton band.

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