Sunday, June 17, 2012

LDS Missionaries Jace Felix And Ty Mair On The Prowl In Napa, California

Screen capture from the Register video

Two missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are in the news in Napa, California. But it's not the typical report of where they came from and why they're there.

Instead, the Napa Valley Register decided to follow them around one day as they were tracting door-to-door. The Register was more interested in documenting public reception to the efforts of Elders Jace Felix and Ty Mair. Both missionaries are from Utah; while Elder Felix has been in Napa for three months, although in the mission district since January 2011, Elder Mair has only been there for one month. Napa is a part of the California Santa Rosa Mission, and Napa residents who accept LDS membership will be assigned to the Napa California Stake and attend at one of the three wards in the city. While missionaries will remain assigned to the same mission district during their entire calling, they will be moved from one zone to another within the district and paired with different companions. This helps the missionaries develop the ability to fellowship and work with a wide variety of people, including those who may not be the most likeable. Register news video embedded below:

The two missionaries have been quite active since being assigned to the Napa Zone; they estimate they've contacted 1,000 people, and say they find the local people to be generally welcoming. Of the five persons the Register observed them contacting on this day, two people turned them down outright, but one person actually invited them back for a second visit, which is a primary goal of most missionaries.

Like in other mission districts, missionary service isn't just for the young. As of May 31st, the Santa Rosa Mission has eight senior couples assigned. The senior missionaries generally leave the tracting to the younger set, focusing more upon administrative and support duties. The senior couples can also act as role models for the younger missionaries and help the mission president minister to their needs more effectively.

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