Sunday, March 25, 2012

LDS General Young Women Meeting Takes Place On March 24th, 2012; The "Arise And Shine Forth" Theme Gets Top Billing

As a precursor to the 182nd Annual LDS General Conference coming up on March 31st - April 1st, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its General Young Women Meeting in Salt Lake City on March 24th, 2012. Video and audio archives of the talks are now available HERE, and written transcripts will follow later this week.

Each member of the Young Women Presidency delivered words of wisdom to the young women 12-18 years of age present; the meeting was capped by an address by President Thomas S. Monson. Media coverage provided by the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. KSL news video embedded below:

LDS young women counseled to be strong in their faith at conference |

LDS Church News contains summaries of the talks; click on the highlighted name of the speaker to go directly to the full summary. After some musical offerings by the Young Women Choir assembled from stakes in American Fork, UT, Sister Ann M. Dibb, Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, led off. Sister Dibb noted that now is the time for the youth of the Church to arise and shine forth, holding fast to the standards set forth in the booklet "For The Strength Of Youth". She added that our Heavenly Father does not want us to look to the world and follow its ever-changing trends, but to look to Him and follow His unchanging guidance, so that by living the Gospel, we can lead others to it. Watch YouTube video of her talk HERE.

Sister Mary N. Cook, First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, was next, and her focus was on the need to seek learning by studying diligently. She explained that because God gave us moral agency and the opportunity to learn while on earth, He has a work for us to do. To accomplish this work, we have an individual responsibility to seek learning. She noted that some of the most important learning takes place outside the classroom, and urged the young ladies present to surround themselves with exemplary women who can teach skills in homemaking, art, music, family history, sports, writing and speaking.

Next up was Sister Elaine M. Dalton, Young Women General President. Sister Dalton also told the young women that now is the time to arise and shine. She also referred to the booklet "For The Strength Of Youth", explaining that it is through living the standards explained within the booklet that individuals will be able to know what to do to become more like the Savior and to be happy in an ever darkening world, as well as qualify for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

President Thomas S. Monson concluded the meeting by talking about the challenges of the teenage years. But instead of calling them Terrible Teens, he prefers to refer to them as Terrific Teens. He characterized the teenage years as a period when young people have a time of opportunity, a season of growth, and a semester of development — marked by the acquisition of knowledge and the quest for truth. President Monson then talked about three essential signals from the Lord's lighthouse that will help the young women return to their Heavenly Father who eagerly awaits their triumphant homecoming. Those signals are believe, obey and endure. Watch YouTube video of his talk HERE.

Additional information about the upcoming 182nd Annual General Conference is available HERE. The website provides information on cable, broadcast, and satellite television options.


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Thanks for posting all the time, I do not hear about a lot of the thigs you post about except when I come here.

Jack Mormon said...

Appreciate the feedback. Since LDS Church News can't possibly cover every story involving an LDS member or the Church, this leaves a natural niche that I have chosen to fill. Nearly every post also offers an opportunity to "share the Gospel" or at least provide information on hos the Church does business, which has the effect of countering negative biases and stereotypes.