Friday, January 6, 2012

East Valley Mormon Choral Organization In Mesa, Arizona Grabs The Number One Spot On Billboard's Classical Chart With "Messiah In America"

A predominantly-Mormon musical group in Mesa, Arizona has just grabbed the number one spot on a Billboard music chart for their rendition of a new oratorio, "Messiah In America".

According to the Arizona Republic and the Salt Lake Tribune, the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization was part of a group of 700 singers and instrumentalists from MCO's choirs, children's choirs and symphony orchestras, which also included the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization in California, which captured the top spot on Billboard's Traditional Classical music chart for their performance of Messiah In America. They're also listed as a "Hot Shot Debut" at number seven on the overall Classical chart and as a top Independent album. Here's a brief promo of the group:

The LDS website noted that the group includes four world-class soloists; Jennifer Welch-Babidge, soprano; Francesca Forsyth, alto; George Dyer, tenor; and John Huntington, bass. The group also performed in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on June 4th, 2011.

"Messiah in America" was written by Mormon Choral Organizations of America co-founder Brett Stewart, who based the story on the Book of Mormon account of Jesus Christ's visit to America. You can read the complete account of Christ's visit to America in III Nephi, Chapters 9 through 26 inclusive. The album is currently available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and select local retailers in Arizona and California. For more information about the Messiah in America album, go to

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