Saturday, December 10, 2011

Was Oathkeepers Misled? Story About Federal Agents Visiting Mormon Cannery In Tennessee Now Debunked

Update December 12th: The LDS Church has formally denied that any of its canneries were visited by Federal agents, and Oathkeepers has now removed the post. Updated post HERE.

The story about Federal agents allegedly visiting a Mormon cannery in Tennessee and asking for a list of people who bought bulk food storage is now debunked. An individual who goes by the name of SouthernBellePrepper has produced a video where she discloses her findings.

SouthernBellePrepper says she first called LDS Church Headquarters in Salt Lake upon learning of the story, and the person with whom she spoke denied that Federal agents had visited the Hendersonville and the Knoxville Mormon canneries in Tennessee. She then called the contact numbers for the canneries and left messages; both canneries eventually got back to her and said they had not been visited by the Feds. She further said one of the cannery representatives also told her that if Federal agents had visited her cannery and asked for a list of names, she would have refused to give them such a list. Video embedded below:

Increasing the credibility of SouthernBellePrepper's response is the fact that she identifies herself as a member of Oathkeepers in a comment posted to the video.

As of this post, Oathkeepers has not yet updated their website to reflect this new development. The remaining question is why Oathkeepers put out the story. Since Oathkeepers has a solid reputation within the patriot community for putting out accurate information, which explains why nearly a dozen prominent websites picked up the story and replicated it, my best guess is that they were misled by a source which had been reliable in the past. I look forward to Oathkeepers taking ownership of the situation and posting an explanation on their website. It is no disgrace to be accidentally hornswoggled; it's happened to better people. Even the LDS Church got hornswoggled by Mark Hofmann and survived the experience, so Oathkeepers likewise can survive.


Greg Seneff Sr. said...

This is a FALSE story. I was at the Nashville, TN (actually Hendersonville, TN) LDS cannery this morning. I asked the manager about the story and she told me it was false. When they heard the rumor they checked with the other LDS cannery in TN (Knoxville, I believe) and nothing like that happened there either.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the Feds going into COSTCO and asking who bought 25# bags of flower, sugar or rice in the last six months??? What a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

At least with Costco, it would be very easy to produce a list of purchasers of #25 bags of produce as all purchases are tied to members' Costco cards. And then forbid release of info to public. Not that it would ever be done...