Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That LDS Missionary Who Rings Your Doorbell On Halloween May Not Be A Real Missionary

If your doorbell rings on Halloween and you find someone dressed as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when you answer, chances are it might not be a real missionary. Time magazine reports that missionary costumes are number six on their list of top ten topical Halloween costumes for 2011. Time even conveniently provides a list of articles to make up a credible costume.

KTVX Channel 4 decided to go down to Temple Square in Salt Lake to sample public opinion, and they found a 50-50 split between those who were offended and those who chose to laugh it off.

Of course, if a "missionary" does show up at your door on Halloween, you could put him to the test. You could ask him to recite the 13 Articles of Faith. Or you could even ask him to flash those garments, which will separate the sheep from the goats in a BIG hurry. It is even possible that real Mormons who are not set apart as missionaries might dress up as them, as one woman said she would HERE. Then again, if you know anything about the normal routine of missionaries, you know that they're supposed to be off the street by 9 P.M. -- and that they're generally not allowed to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. But rank-and-file Mormons do celebrate Halloween; there are no doctrinal constraints against it.

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