Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LDS Homeschooling: Michelle Stone Talks About Celestial Education For LDS Families

On Times & Seasons, Julie M. Smith, who herself is a homeschooling parent, published what is a sharply critical review of a video entitled "Celestial Education", produced by another homeschooler, Michelle Stone. Julie Smith outlines numerous objections to the video, and harshly concludes that "Michelle Stone’s 'Celestial Education' philosophy is seriously misguided and theologically dangerous".

Julie Smith did have some praise, even though it is not exactly unqualified:

-- I like that instead of thinking of teens as selfish, we think of them as people who only have stewardship for themselves (1:37:02).

-- I like her idea that we shouldn’t be capitalists or socialists but “consecrationists” (1:54:27) (Although I thought her swipe at socialists was unnecessary.)

-- She also points to the dangerous lessons schools can inadvertently teach, such as materialism (00:45:06). (Of course, homeschooling is no guarantee against this and it is not inevitable in the schools, either.)

-- She says that schools can foster competitiveness (scholarships, sports, GPA, etc.) and that she wants her neighbors’ kids to do as well as her own (02:35:35).

A more positive, if briefer review, is posted on Utah's Republic. So you can make up your own mind, I have embedded Michelle Stone's video below. Stone, a mother of eight, clearly distinguishes between Church doctrine and her own opinions. Caveat: It's 2 hours and 41 minutes long:

Celestial Education - Michelle Stone from Gospel of Liberty on Vimeo.

If this video proves too long for you, you can read more about Celestial Education on Latter Day Homeschooling. Or you can listen on the audios embedded below, originating from LDS Liberty on May 3rd, 2011 and on May 7th, 2011

A Celestial Education – Part I:

A Celestial Education – Part II:

Celestial Education for LDS Families is also featured on the LDS Home Educators Association website. The mission statement of the website, which has no formal connection with the LDS Church, is "to support parents who are educating their children from a gospel perspective in addition to or, especially, in place of classroom school. If our youth are to be saved from the evils of today's world, fulfill their personal missions, and participate in the upbuilding of Zion, their parents must teach them". The variable quality of public schools nowadays makes home schooling a valid option.

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D. Rolling Kearney said...

Michelle Stone's Celestial Education may be the most important educational philosophy I have encountered. I felt the Spirit so powerfully the first time I saw it, and still do, each subsequent time (literally dozens). I have years of Child Psychology and ECE, and am quite familiar with the prevailing trends in childhood education.

Nothing comes even close to this.

If we desire to see our children enter the Celestial Kingdom, I can think of no better method than this. Every idea is inspired, and every concept sound, as far as I am concerned.

I highly recommend watching this video AT LEAST once! But, to be honest, more times are required, in order to give Sis. Stone and her ideology the consideration it deserves.