Friday, July 8, 2011

"Jesus Christ" Arrested And Charged With Stalking LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson In Salt Lake City

Benjamin "Jesus Christ" Staples, via Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
The screen shot above says it all. One of the aliases used by the perpetrator in this case is "Jesus Christ".

Thirty-six year old Benjamin Tucker Staples, a homeless man, was charged in Utah's Third District Court on July 8th, 2011 with stalking the President of the Church of Jesus Christ, Thomas S. Monson. Staples reportedly has been to the LDS Church Office Building on five separate occasions since June 25th asking to speak with President Monson. Each time, he was refused and told not to return to the premises. Each time, Staples refused to leave voluntarily, and was arrested and booked into Salt Lake County Jail, where he currently remains in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Staples reportedly told officers he intends to keep returning to the offices until he meets President Monson. It really wouldn't surprise me if, now that Staples is locked up, President Monson decides to pay him a visit. President Monson has been known to reach out to people in distress.

There is an interesting discussion about Staples in this Topix forum. An individual named Pat Murphy from Nebraska City, NE identifies as his uncle and says he's looking for him. Can't verify if he's referring to the same Benjamin Staples as in this story.

Obviously, this story offers prime material to someone like Jay Leno or David Letterman. But I can't help thinking about what Benjamin Staples must be going through in his mind. There is a possibility that he's mentally ill, and that's no laughing matter.


Anonymous said...

He's on an Ex-Mormon Facebook group. I didn't realize who he was until after I was talking with him. He seems to be very convinced that he's Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Monson and the other GAs act more like corporate CEOs than "Men of God".

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Benjamin Tucker Staples. You did an article on me a few years back on stalking President Monson. I just wanted to send you some of my latest work. This all original.

I came up with this definition about 3 months ago.

Disciple- A person who meekly declares to God the Father a binding moral contract that unconditionally surrenders everything granted, which includes mind, body and soul, to the prophetic teachings of the one true, absolute and everlasting master, Jesus Christ, and pledges with an oath, on life or death, with a diligent devotion to the course of action of testifying in the truth thereof, using any and all methods, known and unknown, being continuously led and corrected by the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

This is a riddle that came to me last month,

When you need it, you will pray for it.
When you pray for it, you will find it.
When you find it, you will use it.
When you use it, you will cherish it.
When you cherish it, you will improve it.
When you improve it, you will bless it.
When you bless it, you will magnify it.
When you magnify it, it will bless you.
When it blesses you, it will magnify you.
When it magnifies you, you will become prideful in it.
When you are prideful in it, you will abuse it.
When you abuse it, you will break it.
When you break it, you will not be able to use it.
When you can't use it, you will hold on to it.
When you hold on to it, you will bring honor to it.
When you bring honor to it, you will sacrifice for it.
When you sacrifice for it, it will humble you.
When it humbles you, you will become receptive to it.
When you are receptive to it, you will hear it.
When you hear it, it will guide you.
When it guides you, it will redeem you.
When it redeems you, you will praise it.
When you praise it, you will glorify it.
When you glorify it, it will give you joy.
When it gives you joy, you will spread it.
When you spread it, you will know it.
When you know it, you will not doubt it.
When you don't doubt it, you can heal it.
When you heal it, you will respect it.
When you respect it, you will protect it.
When you protect it, it will trust you.
When it trusts you, you will submit to it.
When you submit to it, it will never leave you.
When it never leaves you, you will have no need.

If you would like some clues on the riddle I have a couple of good ones and if you would like the answer please send me a message. Thanks for doing such a good job on the article.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin Tucker Staples

Anything without love is nothing, but love is everything.

Respect and protect love above all.

Faith without love, hope and works is not faith.

Hope without Christ is only an illusion.

Find the truth in a lie.

You can't steal thunder.

Go the third mile.

Find peace in a storm because God is revealing Himself to you.

If you can't see it finished don't start it.

Nobody truly hates, they are just wait for someone to show them how much they love.

Drown yourself in praise and worship music because they are the key to eternity.