Friday, February 18, 2011

Longfellow Park LDS Chapel In Cambridge, Massachusetts Gets Its Steeple Back; Rededication Tentatively Scheduled For July 3rd

Remember the story of the fire at the Longfellow Park chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It took place on May 17th, 2009, resulting in an estimated $1.9 million in damage. The fire was ruled to be accidental. The community responded sympathetically; at least three other churches offered to host services for the displaced congregation. The Harvard Episcopal Divinity School ultimately hosted some of the meetings.

Good news! The chapel is well on its way to being re-constructed, and on February 18th, 2011, a key milestone was reached when the new steeple was place atop the chapel at 10:30 A.M. Elaine Huff watched as the steeple was positioned, and summed up the feelings of members when she said that the building, because of its age and proximity to Harvard University, played an important part in the lives of many young people. The chapel's central location also attracts people from many different locations.

Reconstruction of the building itself continues, and a rededication is tentatively planned for July 3rd. Meanwhile, a new stake center opened up just three miles away back in June 2010 to provide more meeting space. One local resident notes how the LDS Church has grown in the area, writing "The original Cambridge Branch...was one branch 54 years ago. That one branch has divided, and divided, and divided again — and 30 wards and branches now exist in this region because of the faithful service and diligent action of that original Cambridge Branch".


Anonymous said...

53 years ago my then boyfriend (now my husband of 50 years) and I came from Portland, Maine to a 'Gold & Green Ball' at the Cambridge Chapel.
At the Devotional a member of the 'Four Preps' popular singing group spoke. Unforgetable memories.

Nat Attack said...

Such exciting news! I'm in the area and I can't tell you how much it means to us for the Longfellow Chapel to be completed. It's a special and holy house to those of us here.

Anonymous said...

My great grandparents once lived at 100 Brattle Street, before the property was bought to house the mission home. Is it possible that someone has a picture of the house before it was demolished/burned? It would really mean a lot to me and other members of my extended family who are trying to trace their roots. Please contact me at and let me know if you are able to help me. I appreciate your attention.