Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LDS Church Issues Official Statement On The Susan Brock Case, Will Investigate The Chandler Stake's Role

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The Susan Brock case continues to percolate even two days after Brock pleaded guilty. The East Valley Tribune reports that a graphic 73-page report detailing the relationship between a teenage boy and the estranged wife of Fulton Brock reveals the Maricopa County supervisor met the boy’s parents more than a year before Susan Brock’s arrest, and an iPhone the supervisor kept in a lockbox is among electronic devices being examined by investigators. In addition, Mormon leaders said they will review the role of church personnel in a 2009 meeting that took place at a Chandler stake center between the Brocks and the boy’s parents. Church leaders are not suspected of trying to cover up the case.

Nevertheless, Kim Farah, a spokeswoman from the national offices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, said on Wednesday January 26th, 2011 that church officials will be reviewing the Chandler stake’s role in the Brock case to learn more about the meeting that took place in October 2009, further detailed in the Arizona Republic. Cindy Packard, a spokeswoman for the church’s offices in Arizona, issued the following e-mail statement which further explained the meeting:

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim in this case. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not condone child abuse in any form and will not tolerate such actions by anyone affiliated with our faith. Local Church leaders did not become aware of any credible information about this sexual relationship until October 2010. Within a very short time, these leaders were instrumental in getting the matter reported to law enforcement authorities.

“The meeting that took place in October 2009 was not held to discuss allegations of sexual abuse. The victim’s family asked for the meeting to discuss their concerns about improper gifts and influence. In the course of the meeting, one question was asked and the allegation was denied. There was no evidence at the time that any sexual conduct had taken place and neither the church leader nor the victim’s parents saw any reason to believe it needed to be pursued further.

“Later, when there was evidence that sexual abuse had taken place church leaders were instrumental in getting the matter reported to authorities. We have zero tolerance for abuse of any kind.”

According to the Phoenix New Times, during that 2009 meeting with LDS Stake President Mitch Jones, the father of Brock's victim asked her point-blank if she was having a sexual relationship with his son. Brock denied it -- with her county supervisor husband Fulton Brock sitting in the room with her. A different Phoenix New Times article notes that Fulton Brock chose not to read the writing on the wall, so to speak, and after the case eventually broke, Fulton said "My wife was untruthful to me. She was untruthful to the victim's parents. I knew nothing of this inappropriate sexual behavior until the police arrested my wife. But I certainly know enough now to divorce her and be the best dad possible to three children who really need me."

The Tribune also noted that Susan Brock used a mixture of threats and bribery to keep the boy from reporting her. According to the report, Susan Brock said she would tell the boy’s parents that he was a liar, that he was cheating on his high school girlfriend and that he was addicted to pornography. And at one point, Brock told the boy that she loved him, and that she would change her will and leave him $300,000 so he could go to law school and be the best lawyer ever in order to keep him quiet. The Phoenix New Times also reports that Susan Brock also allegedly threatened to kill herself if this ever went in the public or the police ever came to her door.

The New Times also reported on one of the more unusual encounters between Brock and her victim. The two were in the back of her Lexus at a secluded spot by the Chandler airport when Brock took off all of her clothes, including her temple garments, as she performed oral sex on the boy while using a pink vibrator on herself. The boy ejaculated on Brock's exposed chest -- the same part of the body those temple garments are intended to conceal. But the story also reveals that Susan Brock had to work at coaxing the boy into the relationship -- he was very reluctant at first.

Well whoop-dee-doo. She had no respect for the boy, her husband, her stake president, her friend Christian Weems, or her daughter Rachel...but she had respect for the garments. Those garments are not going to get her into the celestial kingdom. This woman may have a so-called "sex addiction", but she's also evil, reprobate scum who deserves punishment first before rehabilitation.

The Arizona Republic surfaced the issue of liability. Frank Verderame, a Phoenix attorney who has represented clergy sex-abuse victims, said it would be difficult to hold Jones legally responsible after Susan Brock's denial and without information from the victim. Attorney Melvin McDonald said Susan Brock could be sued by the victim for her actions but the church's liability is uncertain if there was no direct disclosure of her actions to the stake president. McDonald is a former U.S. Attorney and former Maricopa County Superior Court judge who has defended child sex-abuse suspects and is a member of the Mormon Church.

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