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Armed Man Fatally Shot By Police At The Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple In South Jordan, Utah Now Identified As Daniel Pogue

Update December 27th: Post title updated to reflect the release of the man's identity. In addition, an updated KSTU Channel 13 news video is now provided.

On December 25th, 2010, an armed man now identified as 54-year-old Daniel M. Pogue was shot and killed by police on the grounds of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This post combines and summarizes the main points of media stories from KSTU Channel 13, KUTV Channel 2, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Deseret News, and KSL Channel 5. Updated Dec. 27 KSTU video embedded below:


KSL Channel 5 eyewitness account now embedded below:

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Although the temple was closed for the holiday, a number of people were on the temple grounds because of the mild weather and because being merely on the temple grounds can inspire a sense of peace in people. However, one person gave way to the spirit of contention. Around 12:43 P.M., an unidentified white male allegedly showed up on the temple grounds with another man. The first man displayed a gun, and got into a verbal confrontation with another person in the parking lot. A bystander called police.

When police arrived, they confronted the man, who failed to comply with their orders and ran from them. Fearing for the safety of bystanders, police then fired one shot at the man, killing him. A search of the man's vehicle, described as a silver SUV, revealed more than 50 rounds of ammunition, three shotguns, one rifle, three full-size swords and one machete. The identity of the man was initially withheld until his family could be contacted.

As is standard protocol, the officer involved in the fatal shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave. Investigations by South Jordan Police and the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office are anticipated.

Update December 26th: Although the decedent's name has not yet been released, his neighbors know he's the man who was shot by police because police and hazmat crews showed up at his basement apartment Saturday evening and stayed for most of the night. Neighbors said that about 90 minutes prior to the shooting, they saw the man in front of his driveway and he appeared to be distraught or agitated. Some thought he may have locked something in his car, as he appeared to be staring at his vehicle and talking to himself. He is described as ordinarily quiet and friendly, and his landlord called him the ideal tenant.

Update December 27th: South Jordan police finally released the name of the man; he is 54-year-old Daniel M. Pogue. Pogue allegedly has a history of mental illness.

Update December 29th: Daniel Pogue accused of involvement in real estate fraud. Pogue was one of 20 co-defendants scheduled for trial in West Jordan before Judge Mark Kouris in March 2011.

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