Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Nick Humphrey Posts "Profile" On Mormon.Org, But Is Actually An Anti-Mormon Who Outs Himself On Recovery From Mormonism

Nick the "Mormon"
As part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen its member missionary program, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has invited members to post their profiles on Members discuss why they joined the Church, why they remain active, and how the Church impacts their lives. Obviously, only active members of the Church are encouraged to post such profiles; it is intended to be faith-promoting.

One such person posting a profile identifies himself as Nick. In his profile, Nick identifies himself as a Senior Java and Linux developer, linguist and musician. In response to the question as to why he's a Mormon, Nick writes "I am a mormon because it's the only way to come back to our Heavenly Father! I was 'born into the church'. I don't know what I must have done in the pre-existence to deserve this, but I have been really blessed to be born into a home where the gospel was taught".

Sounds pretty good at first glance, right? Not so fast. I actually learned of the existence of Nick's profile after visiting the Recovery from Mormonism board. You see, Nick is actually Nick Humphrey, and in this thread entitled "Check out my hilarious profile on", Nick is actually coordinating his efforts with the anti-Mormons on RFM. Here's part of what he posted on the RFM thread (after the jump):

i cant believe they published most of the stuff i wrote =) see if you notice the subtle sarcasm.


i just added this following experience:

"Serving in the Norway mission changed my life.
A little while before I was called I prayed that I could be sent to a difficult mission.
Then I got my call and it was the Oslo, Norway mission.
After serving there for 2 years I realized I got what i asked for: difficult but rewarding =)
Now I am blessed to live there and continue my work among them as a normal person".

do you think they'll notice the word i created?

Oh, just in case RFM gets cold feet and decides to pull the thread, here are a couple of screen shots:

I also screen-shot his profile, and will post it if he decides to pull it.

Note that Nick gets continued encouragement from the anti-Mormons on the thread, to include suggestions on how he can seed his profile information with more subtle anti-Mormon statements. But one commenter warns of the possibility of the connection being discovered, writing, "What if you get spotted here by a TBM who then reports you to the bishop?"

Well, I ain't exactly a textbook "TBM", but I spotted you. And you are so BUSTED!

It should be no surprise that anti-Mormons are trying to infiltrate the profiles. After all, Satan himself is a master counterfeiter, even given the power to appear as an "angel of light". The LDS Church undoubtedly was aware of this possibility before they set up the function, and have taken steps to make it difficult for "wolves in sheep's clothing".

Of course, there is one other possibility, howbeit remote. It's quite possible that Nick Humphrey is actually a "TBM" who is infiltrating RFM under the guise of a "dissident Mormon" in order to disrupt their board and to encourage some of their members to return to the Church. One cannot dismiss this possibility out of hand. But it is unlikely.

Some of our adversaries are subtle. But no adversary can prevail over the Holy Spirit.

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