Monday, August 16, 2010

Endorsements Of Wyoming LDS Republican Candidate Ron Micheli Pouring In From People Who Actually Live In Wyoming; Micheli Surging In Polls

Update August 18th: Ron Micheli finishes third with 26 percent of the vote. Matt Mead wins with 29 percent, while Rita Meyer finishes second with 28 percent. Full election results now available HERE.

Just one day before the August 17th primary election in Wyoming, residents of the Cowboy State are taking sides and promoting their choices in greater numbers as the Republican gubernatorial race reaches a fever pitch. But while Rita Meyer secured a high-profile endorsement from Sarah Palin and Colin Simpson snagged a green light from former President George W. Bush, Ron Micheli is getting a flurry of endorsements from even more knowledgeable people; namely, ordinary citizens who actually live in Wyoming.

But first, a newer poll of 600 likely voters by Aspen Media & Market Research, reported by the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle on August 8th 2010, shows a surge of support for Ron Micheli. Palin protege Rita Meyer still leads with 23 percent, but Micheli has now moved into second with 20 percent. Bringing up the rear is Matt Mead with 18 percent, and Colin Simpson with 10 percent. Nevertheless, 25 percent remain undecided.

Here are links to just a few of the LTEs pouring in to media outlets:

-- "Micheli has high principles", Casper Star-Tribune, August 14th 2010: Dennis and Dianne Tippets of Riverton say they have known Ron for over 20 years and have always found him to be a person with high principles and integrity. They believe he definitely has the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to be a successful governor for our state.

Has Sarah Palin known Rita Meyer for 20 years?

-- "Micheli stands by friends", Casper Star-Tribune, August 14th 2010: Pat Cullen of Wheatland writes, "With modest financial resources, Ron, his wife Patti and family and friends are running a campaign to fit that description by trying to see and talk to "everyone in town." Ron has strong conservative views and will tell you these views regardless of political correctness, all the while hoping voters will agree with these views. Ron and Patti are the kind of people who will stand by friends and try to comfort them in their loss even if politically dangerous."

Those "strong conservative views" ought to play well in Wheatland, where there was a controversy in February 2010 over the Platte County School District #1 rejecting a "No Place For Hate" designation for a couple of their schools by the Anti-Defamation League. The District's trustees found that the ADL actively promoted pro-gay propaganda to students.

-- "Micheli driven by values", Casper Star-Tribune, August 14th 2010: Kaiser Mock of Gillette says that although Micheli is a strong fiscal conservative and a man who will stand up for Wyoming's rights as a state, he supports Ron for a much greater reason: he has earned respect. Micheli's conduct during the campaign has shown that he is driven by his convictions and values first and foremost.

-- "Micheli won't attack rivals", Casper Star-Tribune, August 15th 2010: Nola Bluemel of Lyman is impressed by the fact that although Ron Micheli has been targeted by robocalls distorting and misrepresenting Micheli's message, Micheli not only refused to respond in kind, but made it quite clear to his campaign workers that he would tolerate no attacks on the integrity or morality of his opponents in this campaign.

-- "A candidate we can trust", Casper Star-Tribune, August 7th 2010: Paul and Connie Galovich of Thermopolis praises Micheli for standing strong on values and principles without equivocation, even when political whims might challenge them. They also laud his stand for strong states rights, zero-based budgeting, supporting the traditional industries of our state, and family values.

This is just a small sampling of supportive letters. It seems the common denominators are trust, respect, and values. One cannot measure them objectively. While all four leading Republicans would govern the state well, it is Micheli who has attracted special notice for the intangibles.

So, will Wyoming Republicans allow their governor to be chosen by Sarah Palin or George W. Bush on August 17th, or will they do the job themselves, based upon their own five senses? Both Palin and Bush are honorable people, but it's the people of Wyoming who will have to live with the choice.

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