Sunday, May 23, 2010

YouTube Video: Raising Daughters To Become Like Christ Rather Than Like The World

Here's a video found on Mormon Woman which did not come from one of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' official YouTube channels, but which would be a perfect fit. The editor of Mormon Woman received it from her mother-in-law. The message, directed to young women, is to value intelligence, virtue, and integrity more than the latest fashions or celebrities.

The editor of Mormon Woman writes, "I love associating with tender, kind, refined and faithful women and the world definitely needs more of them. When I meet women of this caliber I watch them intently and try to pattern my life after theirs. I have many good examples within my own family and local congregation. My goal is not only raise good little girls, but to be the mother of excellent women. I hope my influence as well as the influence of the women I associate with will be enough of a role model to combat the negative messages my girls receive in the media. If not, I will watch and pray always that the Lord will aid me in our common pursuit of bringing souls (including my own kids) to Jesus Christ".

What a refreshing change from the gaggle of Sunstone-type blogs on the Bloggernacle where the "valuable intellectual properties" make a science out of nitpicking the Church. What a pleasure to read an LDS blog which actually promotes the Gospel for a change. Yes, promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ - what a novel concept. Hats off to Mormon Woman for keeping her hand on the iron rod.

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