Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mormon Worker Joins Anti-Racist Vigilante Campaign To Get The American Renaissance Conference Evicted From The Dulles Westin Hotel

An unofficial Mormon blog has joined an extremist anti-racist vigilante campaign to get a convention of race realists evicted from the hotel where they plan to hold their conference. In this post, The Mormon Worker calls for those who oppose "racism" to contact the Dulles Westin Hotel to persuade them to cancel the upcoming American Renaissance conference scheduled for February 19-21 in order to "stand up for racial equality". They consider the New Century Foundation, which publishes American Renaissance, to be "white supremacists".

The Mormon Workers post absolutely reeks of smears and defamation against American Renaissance. They refer to Dr. David Duke as a former "grand master of the KKK" (the correct term is "grand wizard", but accuracy is not important to anti-racists), even though he severed all ties with the Klan back in 1979. They claim that American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor uses "pseudo-science" to prove that black people are genetically pre-disposed to have lower IQs than white people and that black people are naturally prone to violence and crime. They also lump in American patriots of all races who want to control immigration with white supremacists in accordance with the classical Communist tactic of guilt by association. Here's an excerpt of their post:

American Renaissance is the new face of the white supremacist movement. When most people think of white power groups, the image of drunken, “trashy rednecks” who can barely produce coherent sentences, or idiotic, violent skinheads comes to mind. American Renaissance is trying to change all that in an attempt to bring white supremacist ideas into respectable, mainstream society. For example, it is a rule that all males who attend the conference (and it is almost all males who attend; not many women ever show up), must wear a jacket and tie. This, presumably is to hide all of the smelly confederate flag t-shirts and swastika tattoos that conference attendees, like the Keystone State Skinheads, would have showing otherwise. Also, they never use words like “racism”, or “white supremacy” to describe themselves. Hilariously, Jared Taylor refers to himself as a “race relations expert”. He also calls himself a “race realist”. The term “race realist” is just code for “white supremacist”. They also never publicly use terms like “nigger”. Instead, they use academic language to argue ideas that are just as racist as the word “nigger” is.

Interesting that although The Mormon Worker claims to be anti-racist, they literally load up their post with the "n-word". They must get a vicarious thrill from seeing it in print.

The facts: Jared Taylor is not a white supremacist. As a race realist, he does promote the idea of racial separation, but has never called for the deportation of the non-whites out of the United States. Furthermore, Taylor is one of the few white nationalist spokesmen who is philo-Semitic; he does not believe there is a "Jewish Question", and Jews are welcome to attend the American Renaissance conference. But Jared Taylor's ideas about the differences between blacks and whites in intelligence should not be censored; regardless of how much money we throw at the public schools, we can't seem to overcome the racial gap in educational outcomes. If we are sincere about assuring a quality education for all of our youth, we will be intellectually honest enough to examine ALL contributing factors -- including those deemed politically incorrect.

But don't necessarily take my word for it. Unlike these anti-racist thugs, I cherish free speech and consider you, the reader, competent to form your own judgment. Visit the American Renaissance website and read their agenda for yourself. Review the agenda of the upcoming conference HERE.

Unfortunately, it appears that these anti-racist thugs have won a victory. Their Communist allies, One People's Project, now report that the Dulles Westin Hotel will not permit the American Renaissance conference to take place at their facility. Unfortunately, they were unable to withstand the sustained campaign of psychological terrorism waged by anti-racists against their facility. Nevertheless, the conference itself is still on, and American Renaissance will undoubtedly find a replacement venue to host it; more frequent updates are being posted on this Stormfront thread. I hope that Jared Taylor files suit against the Westin Hotel to teach them a lesson.

The Last Word: It is particularly despicable for a blog that calls itself "Mormon" to associate itself with these vigilante tactics. Our legacy does not give us such latitude, since our Mormon forebears know what it's like to be on the receiving end of such treatment. Have we forgotten that our forebears were similarly evicted from two states, Missouri and Illinois, back over 160 years ago?

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