Friday, October 9, 2009

Accused New Hampshire Killer Christopher Gribble Fancied Himself A "Destroying Angel" After The Manner Of Porter Rockwell

Update March 25th 2011: Christopher Gribble found guilty of murder, sentenced to life without parole. Updated post HERE.

In the latest batch of news stories filtering out about the four New Hanpshire thrill killers, we now learn that Christopher Gribble (pictured above) may have fancied himself a "destroying angel" who may have been modeling himself after the historical figure Porter Rockwell.

The Boston Herald reports that another anonymous friend of Gribble has stepped forward to claim that Gribble hated his father and wanted to kill him. In one instance, Gribble calmly explained his desire to slay his father and called himself a “destroying angel” during a conversation in 2008 about his Mormon mission plans. The Herald refers to Porter Rockwell because Rockwell, a 19th century Utah lawman who was initially a bodyguard to Joseph Smith, was nicknamed “the Destroying Angel of Mormondom”.

The person said she did not report Gribble to the police, but she recommended he seek counseling. Another person she knows urged Gribble to get help from the Mormon church’s social services arm. Gribble had been at odds with his parents and lived for months with a Nashua, NH family who took him in after he spent time living in his truck and showering at church. He was back home at the time of the grisly murder.

In another disturbing episode, Gribble told a group of church members the commandment against murder was the most difficult to obey. Another person who knew Gribble for about a year at church said she never heard him talk about harming himself, his family or others. On the other hand, she also recalled Gribble lamenting that girls preferred bad boys to guys who are gentlemen and nice. She said Gribble boasted about knowing gang members and said she wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the Cates attack to change his image.

In another Boston Herald story, a steady diet of horrorcore hip-hop, slasher cable TV and a Manson cult obsession may have been enough to twist the troubled minds of the four teens. The bombardment of all the blood-spattered pop culture may have sapped their humanity, according to John Kelly, a leading criminal profiler. Horrorcore hip-hop is an absolutely gruesome subgenre riddled with lyrics about Satanism, cannibalism, murder and rape; one major performer of this style is the rap group Insane Clown Posse. The Posse's acolytes are referred to as "juggalos". Gribble reportedly also was a fan of the Showtime series Dexter, which features serial slayer Dexter Morgan, who preys on other killers while working as a blood-spatter analyst for Miami police.

But there is some better news. The Boston Globe reports that 11-year-old Jaime Cates, who was seriously wounded in the attack, continues to recover steadily after undergoing extensive surgery for her wounds, and is now out of the intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital in stable condition. She is expected to remain in hospital for at least a month. In addition, there has been an outpouring of support for the Cates family. Jennifer Hunt, a victim-witness advocate who is assigned to the New Hampshire attorney general’s homicide unit, said she has been flooded with offers from concerned people looking to help Jaime Cates. Hunt herself was planning to deliver a donated iPod to Jaime at Children’s Hospital Boston to replace the one either lost or stolen during the heinous attack. But Hunt said that while people are free to contribute what they wish, she doesn’t have any specific requests from the family at this time.

The New Hampshire Union-Leader reveals that two funds have been set up to help the Cates family to ensure that they don't have to worry about financial issues while they have so many other worries:

N2N-Cates Family:
Mont Vernon Town Hall
P.O. Box 444
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Kimberly Cates Memorial Fund:
St. Joseph's Hospital Credit Union
172 Kinsley St.
Nashua, NH 03060.

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