Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update On Paralyzed LDS Missionary Zerin Petersen; Family Transforming Garage Into Handicap-Accessible Bedroom And Bath For Him In Spirit Lake, Idaho

Update December 2nd, 2012: Over three years later, Elder Petersen still has not completely recovered, but continues to make progress. He's now trying to build his own business by becoming an Independent Nikken Consultant. Updated post HERE.

On July 14th, 2009, I first posted about the case of Elder Zerin Petersen, who was serving a full-time mission in Colorado Springs. He had an accident on a water slide, breaking his neck and effectively paralyzing the lower portion of his body.

An update has been posted on the Zerin Petersen blog, but it contains a bad link to a media story about Petersen. So I thought I would cross-post the information here with the correct links. According to an August 29th KXLY Channel 4 story, Elder Petersen will be coming home to live with his family in Spirit Lake, Idaho on October 1st, but he's still wheelchair-bound. His parents are currently transforming their garage into a special bedroom-bathroom combination that will be handicap-accessible. Elder Petersen will be able to take a shower while in a wheelchair. [Expired video link removed on December 2nd, 2012.]

Because the Petersen family is too proud to ask for donations, their neighbors are taking up the slack. The list of supplies still needed by the Petersens is described as "overwhelming". Most needed is a load of drywall and concrete. But the Petersens will also need a new van and wheelchair. Those who want to help them out can stop by any branch of Mountain West Bank where a fund has been set up under Zerin Petersen's name. Click HERE to find the branch nearest you; branches are based in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Utah.

The fact that the Petersens are creating a special bedroom for Zerin implies that his recovery will continue to be slow. But everyone is still optimistic. On August 13th, it was revealed that Petersen now has feeling in the bottom of his feet, and can move both thumbs. In addition, another person took the time to speak with Zerin's father Chris, letting him know that he had suffered the same type of injury as his son. The doctors told him he would be paralyzed, and never walk again. He said it took over a year to start to get some movement back; now, not only can he walk, but he can run. The message: Don't give up, Zerin can be healed.

And I believe Zerin Petersen will indeed be healed. He's got a positive attitude, and that's half the battle right there.

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I am Zerin Petersen. I googled my name one day and found this blog. Google knows way too much. Any way if any one is actually following this blog and wants to contact me my email is I'm also on Facebook. I have improved greatly since 2009 so if you want an update get ahold of me.